A. Suzdaltsev: Gas issue went beyond the limits of competence of companies

Valery Golubev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom", which last week led to the Russian delegation to the talks, and has now become a member of the Supervisory Board of "Beltransgaz". He was elected at the EGM.
At the same meeting, Vladimir Mayorov, formerly deputy chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee, became acting CEO "Beltransgaz".
Now gentlemen Golubev and Mayorov were together at the negotiating table. Debate around the full payment Belarus prices used for 6 months gas flow in closed session. By the time the true disk imaging results are not forthcoming.
Capital analyst Andrey Suzdaltsev states that there are trade-offs and confrontational solutions gas situation. He personally inclined to think that things are going to confrontation:
"Our homeland abandon ligament" payment — credit. "It is unacceptable for her. Specifically on this option insists Lukashenko, who believed that all excessive payments This year must pay our own homeland. Belarus pays the full amount will not be. And in Moscow understands.
There is an option to penalties. This option is perceived in Moscow. Yes, and there is a fundamental aspect of its own.
Currently in Moscow, many are outraged: Belarus advocates everywhere that has built in his earthly paradise, that there born European economic tiger. What, then, we ask for you money if you are so rich? And this propaganda points in Moscow will not let down. Because penalties possible failure would be propaganda for Minsk. "
Andrew Suzdaltsev believes that negotiations at gas companies and even governments 2-states will not solve the gas issue:
"This question not for companies and even for Belarusian government. Belarus is almost apologizes to her duty — "For you, perhaps, wish you well and so rich?" It is a matter for the political control of senior management. A political dialogue between Moscow and Minsk have not. "
Meanwhile Russian agency "to RIA Novosti" reports that Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky July 30, maybe visit Moscow on a working visit:
"It is expected that the subject of negotiations in the Russian government will be the provision of credit to Belarus by 1.5 billion dollars to pay for supplies Russian gas to the country," — said in a statement.
Belarusian debt to "Gazprom" also achieved almost 500 million dollars. She appeared, because in the first half for a thousand cubic meters of gas every Belarusian side transfers to accounts of "Gazprom" is not 100 bucks (price per thousand cubic meters), but only 50 of the fifth Russian concern agreed to a settlement form, but warned that the debt must be eliminated no later than July 23.
Vladimir Mayorov became acting head of "Beltransgaz", 25.07.2007

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