Activists of the Movement For Freedom fired from his job

A Vladimir Gridina, former employee "Belarusbank" dismissed for a meeting with Alexander Milinkevich, three times denied reinstatement. It is reported by the press service of the former presidential candidate Milinkevich.
One of the founders of the "Movement" For Freedom "Alexey worked as an engineer on board mill Chashniki" reddish star. "
After checking the Department of Justice in the Vitebsk region reality signatures members of the constituent assembly, "the Movement" For Freedom "ideological department Chashniksky executive committee did not like that an employee of the municipal enterprise support Milinkevich.
Plant manager had offer young person layoff, even despite the fact that Alex took on the job and was a specialist in reverence.
Vladimir Gridina fired as lead spetsa 520 branch "BBK" March 17 2006 in violation of the legislative procedure. The official explanation-absenteeism.
But today Sovereign Gridin serving administrative detention for his role in the election meeting presidential candidate Milinkevich March 8 2006. Vladimir Gridin three times denied reinstatement.
Recall, according to law, absence from work in connection with the arrest for an administrative offense is not absenteeism.
• Deepest: activist detained for a T-shirt with the inscription "Movement" For Freedom ", 15.07.2007

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