Ales Ryazanov: Fate and Freedom — unbreakable

Ryazanov read their works gathered — as with translation into Czech, that through vysvyatlyavsya projector display, and absolutely without translation.

At the end of the readings Ales Ryazanov answered questions from the audience. One of those present asked to what extent the views of the poet, determines the fate of a person’s life and what place remains for human freedom.
Ryazanov, "I think that these phenomena — the fate and freedom — inseparable. They are inseparable, as the road. If you go by it, you’re acting this way. But if you already passed a piece of the road, you can not break it. You are her should pull.
You can turn slightly to the left, to the right a bit, but all the same your road will go from beginning to end. And the greatest sense and the greatest job, the greatest vocation and the will of man — that this way is not going down somewhere, in a slump, and towered.
So makarom, destiny — it is the road. Will — it will fall through or road, sank or will rise above. "

Ales Ryazanov (b. 1947) in 1968 was expelled from the Belarusian Institute for Municipal byelorussization training requirement.
Near Gregory Baradulin — excellent Belarusian poet, an innovator and a formal semantic side of poetry. Created about 20 collections of poetry and fruitful translator, winner of several international awards, including Herder Prize.
Since the late 1990s, living in Minsk and outside Belarus (Austria, Switzerland, Germany)
(Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

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