Analyst Valery Nesterov: For the reluctance of Belarus to pay — the political context

Nesterov: "I think that’s all pretty calculated. Position" Gazprom "backed by a contractual relationship.» Many suras no serious exposures that Belarus will collecting gas from transit pipelines. This enticed the attention of European importers to the dilemma of the highest supply depending Russian gas through such risky transit countries such as Belarus and Ukraine.
I believe that such a conflict could push the European Union to take a more constructive stance on supporting construction of the North European gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea. In addition, the experience of relations with Ukraine and Belarus can say after lengthy negotiations, when the situation in the acute phase passed, the questions have ventured quite rapidly. Topics more than that unclear why Belarus, which had just received 625 million dollars from "Gazprom" for action "Beltransgaz" why she does his duties, why the end of July has not paid its debts. "
Drakakhrust: "And why, by the way, your answer?"
Nesterov, "It is unclear. And not only" Gazprom "is unclear, and many observers. Gets the impression that behind this there is again a political context, the desire to spoil the nerves of. On the days of the Russian Federation Minister of Finance Kudrin said that the government actually approved credit up to a half billion dollars in including and for these purposes. It will be recalled that Belarus receives gas at 30 percent cheaper than Ukraine.
I Belarusian position control does not seem entirely clear, appropriate and justified. "

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