Andrew Khadanovich: Akudovich I confessed that I was in his sight rehabilitated poetry


Kalinowski: "Andrew, I know that apart from Brno, not so long ago you visited the literature festival in Germany … How many literary festivals you have time to visit this summer?"
"I tried what being a wandering poet"
Khadanovich: "During this summer I visited four literary festivals. One German, one Lithuanian, entitled" Lofty principality poets ", very beautiful chamber Polish poetry festival at the Masurian lakes and with great enthusiasm and pride to join a large company Belarusian writers in Brno."
Khadanovich: "New experience was their number. I imagined for myself, that there are tourists poetry, poets nomadic in nature. And here tried on your own skin. At the Berlin Festival, I submitted another batch of Belarusian poetry on the web at their very principled website www . "Lofty Duchy of poetry" in general was a very important project under the patronage of the President of Lithuania, the role of the minister of foreign affairs. Constantly think that’s if these things in Belarus supported, and most importantly, that there were people aesthetically prepared for this support . "
Kalinowski: "And it was written something in a while. When you were wandering poet?"
Khadanovich: "Festivals are listed, it is just a few days, and nearly a month I sat near Berlin on a luxurious lake Vanzee, where he had a month to writing. Intrigue pieces such that the organizers did not require the writer. Whatever you do — no reports. And here one feels through unsympathetic to these people overestimated the moral duty of something useful and enjoyable to do. And yet here I had a few months back the toy such as a living diary on the Web, such a good means of active communication with Belarus, the Belarusian the reader, and not only with him. Every day wanted to write something new and hang out in this "live Journal." Partially and exit. wrote a lot — I can not say yet about the quality, it is necessary that all adlyazhalasya, or as they say on the Web "adviselasya."
Kalinowski: "End your book of poetry -" 100 li100v on ", came out in 2006. Andrey, when it later?"

"Many years of hunting issue nesur» eznuyu such a light, playful, hooligan book" Durkee Belarus. "

Hodanovich: "The question is, as they say, the nail on the head would be» is already here and I joked that the time to write faster than my beloved publisher Igor Logvinov time to give these books. Accumulated order … First, for many years to give nesur hunt» eznuyu such a light, playful, hooligan book "Durkee Belarus." In-2-x, hunting, on the contrary, to do something fundamentally sur» seriously, traditional, to publish a book of selected translations of poetry. It has long been going tavshchee. in-3, intensely written free verse, worthy of attention, maybe not only Belarusian, and foreign readers. Hunting publish such a book. And there is increasingly ask, but is not it time to give out a CD, songs, and poetry can be in audio format. Perhaps inspired by the example of the "ABC Night" Freedom here we started with an attractive Mogilev Dmitry Dmitriev cooperative project: I recites poems and translations, and Dima it all musically draws, decorates, aranzhyrue as songs. And it may be the result of rapidly appear. "
"Prose becomes more poems becomes smaller. Belarus in the least degree"
Kalinowski: "Andrew, let’s talk about poetry extensive, and in such a public nuance. Brno Do you somehow uttered:" The prose becomes more poetry becomes smaller. Including in Belarus. This is a global trend? "Why so? Nepaetychny time has come?"

"From a writer expect from time to time on the speech … poetic poetry slam for interested armed riot police."

Khadanovich: "In Belarus, I mentioned, in the least degree. Position poet, as nowhere else in other parts of Europe, Belarus powerful. At this age exactly enough. But will read 50-100 years in such number in Belarus — I am afraid that this The problematic issue. Question book market, the question that literature becomes less sacred some actions more by simply enjoy spending time helping the reader, the customer, resulting in the fact that preference or no literary text, some people adore certain facts about something specific, non-fikshan or veselitelnym books entangled with intrigue, with a plot that keeps.
In Belarus, these processes are slower, maybe slower as the market develops. Maybe because literature as before more than a writer, a writer from time to time expect a fiery speech, sudden appearances on something socially pointed … like to say that cultural criteria in Belarus … at poetry slam poetry for interested armed riot police. For these pieces certainly rhyme rifmuemoe words, on the border with rapping, singing hear much more than reading prose. I am afraid that no most eminent European novelist, no Umberto Eco, Michel Houellebecq no was not given advice for yourself by reading the prose for the Belarusian armed riot police … "
Kalinowski: "Apart from Belarus, where it is still regarded poetry?"
Khadanovich: "This is our first the coming neighbors. Seemed to me, Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians very many poetic taste, very large workshop poets, great enthusiasm to each other, a good circulation of books. And they still can not only publish, but to give trimmed perfectly and generally hold high mark of the poetic word. Maybe because in these countries, too, do not end up all right, maybe poetry — is that accompanies the formation and dafarmavanne civilization, and while there is some threat of something what the poet needs. example, in Ukraine processes occur very worthy of attention. And Lithuanians and Ukrainians (and from time to time it’s the same creators who brilliantly debuted as poets) scamper over time the fundamental prose, which is bought and sold well . "
Kalinowski: "And you have not thought to write prose?"
Khadanovich: "I have already asked for an online conference … So I confessed to them and … And you do not confess. Suppose that will intrigue."
Kalinowski: "All you have devoted your life … poetry Pimen Panchenko once read that verse reads 1 percent of the population. This is his time, and now we can see even less … I understand your creativity, you aspire to do so, that lovers of poetry became more. Can somehow assess whether you manage it? "

"Morozov than once confessed to me that I was in sight of his poetry rehabilitated."

Khadanovich: "I know people who have individually thanked me, saying that if you did not have to listen to or read, you would not be interested in poetry at all, are already unaesthetic poetry project, and it turns out that the aesthetic that fascinating, as before catchy. This is from ordinary people, who they say is more reflective, "Wow, how cool is cool, dude …" up to the intellectuals. Valentin Akudovich not once confessed to me that I was in sight of his poetry rehabilitated. Such recognition of a lot of things stand. "
Kalinowski: "Apparently, the largest mass audience you had in March 2006, during a speech on October Square in Minsk, where popular protest rally people were, you said," until the "Horizon". It seems to me, at these people was a very positive response to your poetry. What do you feel, then reading his poems? "

"In March of 2006, and I’m on stage, and those who were near, want similar things, because there was a big credibility."

Khadanovich: "I have before, when on March 18 stomped on Bangalore concert area, terribly afraid, without repression or consequences of speech, and was afraid of the" screw up "against the background of such masters as Volsky Kullinkovich, Kasia Kamotskaya that I did not have enough Energy that will not accept a large audience … Poetry — it’s all the same for more than a narrow circle. But it turns out that at certain moments better bring together people of unhappiness. And I’m on stage, and those who were near, want similar things because was a great credit. On the other hand, it was not quite poetry — something on the verge of poetry and production marketing slogans. Thinking about writing a text, in order for example, where a "Horizon", I thought about how to shout, shout each line in bad acoustic criteria. wonder that the word evolved into something so ordinary and transparent, so on the other hand although spectacular to the untrained listeners, that, despite the bad conditions, cling. manifested even more clearly that the 25th in Yanka Kupala Park. I knew that already have good-quality acoustic criterion will not be, as if to sing, it is likely that without the guitar, and without a microphone, in a simple megaphones, "matsyugalnik" as they say we have. And because focusing on the melody "Bella Ciao" I loaf that is exactly the minimalist musical project, where you can almost rap almost recitatives and shout something at least someone, but will be heard. "
Kalinowski: "Andrew, let little nip our conversation, so listen to what the citizens of Minsk answer the question:" Have you read the Belarusian poetry? "

Kalinowski: "Your comment, Andrew, as a representative?"

"In the midst of those who says Belarusian, were interested in poetry even more."

Khadanovich: "And well, no. For total peace is almost true … Poetry is not, and if it is, it began under duress. Teacher ordered to read that book or any other school of applets. Next it could grow in love and hatred, regardless of what poetry is taught. sincerely believe that there is something sincerely and remember liking. Notice all those "poetry-skeptics" to a greater degree in Russian or answered, or did simple mistakes. Clearly, it for the first time in the last 10-15 years had obligingly respond Belarusian. midst of those states in Belarusian, were interested in poetry even more, it may be sore the highest in comparison with the neighboring countries " .
Kalinowski: "Belarusian-poetic?"
Khadanovich: "I think that attention to poetry and extensive — literature — just laid in a certain system of values: what is good and what is bad. One of the manifestations of a public code — is the enthusiasm, including the Belarusian literature."
"Paet be reckoned with konkurentnstyu"
Kalinowski: "And if you do not read, let him heed … Czech poet Peter Chyhon festival in Brno stated that at present poetry as a social phenomenon is experiencing a certain rebirth, she printed forms part vorachivaetsya orally in performances at parties, with live music vorachivaetsya to the days of the troubadours and ministrelyav. Chyhon himself read his poetry with a guitar and a pipe? I know that you often speak at an evening of poetry with a guitar. Is there a niche for poetry, in your opinion? "
Khadanovich: "Certainly there … Music — powerful tool to support speech, especially for that of the public, which is not quite ready there any stereotypes that poetry, unfashionable, and the music more prestigious, because you can mask a good verse and a musical hit this issue. differently I try to reach out to readers. When it’s just reading, I try to do it rhythmically and vigorously from time to time on the border with rap. From time to time is to support music and strings, which I have successfully or unsuccessfully catchy. From time to time this integration processes: several times in Belarus and several times I played outside accompanied sur» no serious jazz or avant-garde musicians, arranged that I read as a song. This allowed us to expand the range, hit harder. It should be taken with the progress, so you must reckon with the competition, so that the time more worth, and what this time reader, loyal to you, you must fight. "
Kalinowski: "On the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian Freedom BNR announced a writing contest: relatively speaking, you need to write a work that would have been if the BNR preserved … Are you ready to participate … What you seem to BNR first 21st century?"
Khadanovich: "At the moment I do not answer. What a good idea to help the contestants, let try, let strain fantasy and compete. As for me, maybe it will also be fascinating experience for me. Why not dream?"

Khadanovich Andrew was born in 1973 in Minsk. He graduated from the Russian branch of the Philology BSU. Write in Belarusian and translate into Belarusian began in 1996 — as has already been a graduate student in the department of foreign literature. In this department for graduate and he was — teaches French literature. First book was published in Kiev in 2002 in Ukrainian translation — "Leaves of Kovdrya-pid", then in Minsk were issued "old poems" also "Countrymen, or Belarusian Limerick." His latest book of poetry, "100 li100v on", came out in 2006.

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