As fertilizer Lukashenko uses funds

Man: "Our last north — it’s just south of the Pskov region of Russia, because one youth favorite, had been there for correctional work, was in a sanatorium because he has enough health to engage all the same. Offered such people, out as one was rector, send sit period agreed by the parties in Russia on their mines. And we for it according to the tariffs 10s cubic meters of free gas. Eventually prognosis. After the election, a year later, the Russians will take for us tightly. And in 2009, we can consider ourselves as part of Russian Federation. See you there. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Good day. Bird-talker once again excelled mind and kemlivastsyu. Turns out perfectly in Belarus grow oranges in greenhouses. During this discovery immediately need to give a degree, and even a Nobel Prize. If the government spends billion on collective farming means and local culture is not very we grow, both in the open field and in greenhouses. Certainly, as Lukashenko uses as fertilizer funds. A fertilizer pours people on the head through the telly. Lude in such cases reads: pig oranges better versed than our president. "
Lady: "That’s really really rat race you can name all of resignation, reshuffle of his subordinates, from which neither cold nor hot, and means no utility or Belarus or its population and even the Belarusian dictator. Everything is done on the show: Tipo is the fight against corruption, and means with himself. This is his so called work on Lukashenko views, leads to "well-being" of our Belarus. "
Paul Davydenko Parichi "Lukashenko says what you need plant forest and vines, in other words his power carved wood. Structures satsbytu vertical defeated Napoleon. And soon will need to take not only the wood, and wood due to its bezgaspadarnastsi. People driven to poverty and want. "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom. "That brazen heresy that comes from municipal radio and television — just Belarusian paradox. Well, as we all practically perfect! Municipal What worries about people! And in day-care district clinic may encounter with this phenomenon. Well, right after the criticism of the presidential candidate, now a political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin. With a sheet does not need to bring — we have in the clinic. come to lie on a drip with drugs, then at least some free space in the chamber. And so once per day. Nope these five to ten days of healing or personal bed, and, most annoying, personal linen on it. Throughput possibility thereof hospital-two-three for unhealthy day. At one place alternately. Not observed simple rules of hygiene. Head day hospital knows about it. But for saving him underpaid wage. About as pharmaceuticals and healing can only guess. People are silent, and not to lose it. Question: how much money received Russian singers who before the presidential election campaign for us to rejoice the motto "For Belarus!"? And now another — "For Flourishing Belarus!" Surely, this is the opinion of the Ministry of Health and bureaucrats. "
Pensioner Larissa, Minsk: "The actions that occur in the country, which are of political or economic nature, to motivate each citizen our country. And that’s fine. And when I hear a reporter asks the streets of Minsk or any other town on the order or other action, and the boy replied that he was not interested in politics, I just can not believe it. Among young people there are many who are not only interested in politics, but wants to influence the action, put questions to the government. But the government does not hear. Or do not want to hear. And it is a pity, because the future belongs to the youth. With the passage of time would have to agree. In the meantime, throw them in jail, accused of neprelichnoy battle. Well, that’s funny. But we realize it mattersetsya, that the verdict was not so cruel. Hunting recommend the Government to listen to young people, because their hands mouth says is true. "
Vladimir, Polotsk "All searches and changes in the own environment, Alexander Lukashenko, explains the supreme interests of Belarus. Oh, cunning, Alexander G.. Not for nothing do we have it dubbed Alexander Wicked. Essentially these his actions are focused on that, that though what efforts to preserve for a nobody and unfettered power, that’s all. On public port KGB Alexander Lukashenko said: "Yes, you’ve sat up, and you all time to change. "But I think if anyone had stayed here and so is Alexander G. himself. since 1994 sits. How many? do not doubt that the same thoughts, and many of those who have experienced this Pork. And how we Premiers was! I am sure that is not the last Sidorsky. So it goes? All bad. Only Alexander G. we good? can not be so. "

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