At the festival, Mighty God, maybe sound and the Belarusian language

In This year, As in the past, all marketing materials about the festival — in Russian. The Department of Culture City Council, but not to behold the this problemss.
"There absolutely is not a substrate. This is not what we do not like Byelorussian or its Belarus. Two legalized language. No need to look, what language they speak or print. Should be the idea of the festival is saved — it the most important thing "- Said in a telephone interview of the employee culture.
The Department of Culture assured that the official opening of the festival Belarusian language will sound.
Permanent participant of all festivals is Dr. Victor Rovdo. Fourteen years he presided over the jury at the moment he — noble guest. "God Almighty" for him — a fundamental event in the cultural life.
Now Victor Rovdo will dyrygentam concert deserved collective academic choir and symphony orchestra BTRC. Now the choir will perform and capital Tchaikovsky Conservatory.
The festival will accept the role of musicians from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Russia and Latvia. Most of the participants from Belarus and Russia.
Within 10 days there will be concerts and wind orchestra. Within the applets will be held International Conference "Culture through the lens of spirituality." On This time organizers abandoned the usual competition of performers.
According vserasprostranennoy Now press conference information, visit the festival ambassadors Latvia, Poland, Russia, Germany, France, the United States and China.

• Festival "God Almighty" stripped whiteRussian language "By omission", 28.06.2006

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