At the session of the OSCE twice to discuss the situation in Belarus

On July 7, and the round table is scheduled for Belarus. It will control the working group on Belarus OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, member of the Bundestag Uta Zapf. For a role in this event in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly invited an official delegation of the National Assembly, headed by Vice-Speaker House of Representatives Sergei Zabolotets. Also received invitations to all four co-chair of the Political Council united democratic forces of Belarus and the last presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich.
As said Anatoly Lebedko, now co-chairs of the Political Council of the evening go to Kiev.
A advisor Milinkevich in political matters Andrei Kusyalchuk said Milinkevich in Strasbourg. There he will make a presentation at the Summer Institute of Political Studies. Things of this institution organizes Council of Europe. Usually performances on exercises invite international winners Sakharov Prize.
Andrew Kusyalchuk also said that Alexander Milinkevich appealed to the management of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly with a request that it represented in Kiev Viktor Kornienko. If this is agreed, Korneenko rushed to Kiev.

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