Babes many officials were only paid form of learning

In general, the Ministry of Education and the university management new admission rules completely happy: significantly reduced the number of complaints, appeals to the selection committee, said Deputy Education Minister Alexander Zhuk.
"System, now implemented, absolutely makes tasks that were set in its implementation: objectivity, fairness, equal treatment and transparency. Now none of cronyism can not interfere with the results of the opening campaign. Babes And many officials have been paid only on training. "
On day economical form of training received 23 thousand students. This is slightly less than Last year, — says Deputy Education Minister Alexander Zhuk:
"The numbers in this reception wasand reduced by 700 people. We reduced admission to the specialty of "right" to 15% on specialty group "economy" at 18% and some pedagogical specialties by 25%. "
But increased reception on some technical, engineering, construction specialty, which has increased and competition: needed score more than 300 points. The average pass rate for technical specialties increased by 30-50 Fri compared with the past. At the prestigious specialties (eg lingvostranovedenie BSU) pass rate increased by 30 pt and reached 360 points on international affairs — 356 points. Into Chinese Linguistic Institute passing score was three 40 second Although students and their ancestors have lamented the severity of centralized testing jobs, Deputy Education Minister Alexander Zhuk says:
"On a number of specialties passing score is 350-360 points. Upon gaining 80-90 points entrant. This indicates, that tests on difficulties optimal. Further reduce the complexity of the test does not make sense — on the other, we get closer to the figure of 400. "
At the same time, 11 out of 14 subjects for centralized testing was conducted, the average score was 41-44 points, says Deputy Minister Alexander Zhuk:
"Only in arithmetic, physics and the history of Belarus it slightly lower. For these three subjects Institute entrusted control knowledge to modify the composition of tests."
In This year almost 18 thousand increase in the number of applicants who chose whiteRussian language.
"The Russian language is handed over this year about 120 thousand students, 80 thousand handed Byelorussian. That’s for you to figure the real balance. "
In This year in universities enrolled 885 people out of the competition. This orphans, the disabled. Students have become more than 2.5 thousand Chernobyl. The number of students from rural areas was 18%.

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