Baranovichi Victor Parnachov under house control of the police

Employees Baranovichy police detained Victor Parnachova NIGHT MODE August 10. He was accused of involvement in the inscription on the building of the city court — "End the persecution of" Young Front "and" End the persecution of democratic youth! "After a search of personal belongings was prepared standard spray paint that had Victor.
Parnachov states that at the moment under house control of the police: tomorrow evening he was again summoned to the police Baranovichy where made the report.
"Gave the order not to disable the phone. Said:" We call for you, if you will need us. "
Interested in Victor, if he had earlier conflicts with the police?
"No, this is the first arrest. They said:" Come on, "kolis! In case for you will be nothing. Pay a penalty — and everything will be fine. And if not, then you go, boy, in jail! "
A human rights activist Sergei Baranovichy Housha declares that the pressure on the police Victor Parnachova — is illegal:
"In a telephone call from the police to go to them not necessarily. Must written agenda. "
Sergei Housha relates to legal protection Baranavichy "Young Front", in including — Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Criminal case this young man is focused on in the days of Baranavičy tribunal. Outlook lawyer Sergei Housha:
"In nationwide pressure is exerted on the members of the "Young Front". Companies do not illegally in-1’s. And do not let it work. Yes, simply bullied young people. So were sitting quietly and not moving. This pressure was a little diminished — due to the fact that the EU has lifted Belarus trade preferences. But at the moment everything was restored. "
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