Bard on the organizers evening students wrote a denunciation

In late June, activists staged a presentation in Gomel Belarusian-song album Bard Dmitry Vinogradov. At the concert, presented their new works of other Belarusian-bards of Gomel — Andrey Melnikov, Olga Tereshchenko also Dmitry Bartosik and Evgeny Voloshin from Minsk.
Concert owed go to the district House of Culture, which is located in the regional center Navabelitski area. But the director of the House of Culture Vladimir crystals refused to provide room for the concert, stating that do it forbid him to the city authorities.
Representatives of local communities "Cleanup" and TBM returned Directorate DK taken to disseminate concert tickets and held a party at the bard personal house on the street Polessian. But Peter Vyalev Stanislav Lapyka th Anton Yanochkina identified in the administrative case as students Municipal Institute named Skarina claimed later that when a personal house, where the concert was held bard, urn was exhibited for money. And they say, threw it on 5 thousand rubles, without getting tickets.
"Victims" in the tribunal were
Based on the statements of students regional inspectorate of taxes and fees sent to the Economic Tribunal protocol on illegal business activities Larissa Schiryakovoy yes Dmitry Zhaleznichenka.
But in the court of the chief of department of the regional tax inspectorate Andrew Levshunov failed to present evidence of the profit accused activists. There was no consideration of the case and the applicants — students of State University named Skarina who claimed fundraising concert for the company.
Referee Victoria Laputa, which considered the case of illegal business activities Tipo activists after hearing the parties, warned that a court ruling against Larissa and Dmitry Schiryakovoy Zhaleznichenka will be announced tomorrow. By the way, the referee Laputa forbade be pending administrative case to the media.
According to one of the initiators of the bard concert Larissa Schiryakova "certain structures fabrication business likely was designed to scare activists who dare to organize a party with the role of prominent Belarusian-bards. "

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