Began a pilgrimage to the place of suffering death priests Mariano

Segodnyaschy pilgrimage the eighth, it uchavstvujut 80 believers from Polochchiny also of the deepest, Vitebsk, Lyntupy and other cities and towns. Tomorrow is another pilgrimage to go to Rosica with Drouhin — center Belarusian Marian, and yesterday from Orsha 20 young believers left there on the great.
In the pilgrimage involved believers as the Latin and Eastern Catholic rites. This is the main youth. Moved on a long journey and people Incline age, including 76-year-old Teresa Milosevic — eyewitness Rositskay disaster.
Priests Anthony Lashchevich yes Yuri Kashira undergone destruction together with residents Rositsa. In February 1943, the Latvian Legion of punishers driven people thisth village in the shed and burned alive. Pope John Paul II priests reckoned among the saints, and so on-site disaster Rositskay held yearly celebration. In This year they will begin August 10. These perceive the role highest ecclesiastical dastoyniki from Belarus, as guests of the Vatican, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other states.

The pilgrims

Headed pilgrimage priest Vyacheslav Pyalenak

76-year-old Teresa Milosevic seventh time goes Rosica

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