Belarus and Etyepiya … different now except that the skin color of the indigenous population

"Field" in 1967, says: "The main board of the Belarusian socio-cultural friendship klyaymue anger Israel and the brutal policies of the U.S. and Britain in the Arab countries … We alien concept of nationalism. We are proud that among our more progressive organizations were also Poles and Jews who fought together with us for equal rights for us. The best evidence of this is the glorious traditions of the Communist Party of Western Belarus and the Belarusian peasant labor swinger. "
"Russian Belarus", year 1987. The newspaper publishes speech of the deputy Supreme Council USSR Ivan Shamyakin: "Almost all of what was previously" secret "is now sometimes happy, sometimes bitter grin. Why not just classify, zapamyatyvaya that no precise statistics can not make scientific predictions can not be made effective combat the adverse effects . And as a result of this — stagnation, hardened order of things, what we’re not so little write and speak with a heavy heart. "
In 1997 on the pages of "Narodnaya Volya"Natalia Nikolaichik Another writes about theater:" Theatre implied that Belarus will thrive class businessmen and charity — encouraged. But politics in our country forever young unpredictable. Theater meant that remains friendly company associates. But it did not work out. Will his ability to rise from the ashes like a phoenix? Who knows: Belarus and Etyepiya, birthplace lovely birds are different now except that the skin color of the indigenous population. "

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