Belarus has paid one hundred percent with Gazprom

The Belarusian side has to pay funds on July 23, but the fit did not. "Gazprom" gave Belarus two delay — up to 3 and 10 August.
Official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said our RadioThe claim that Belarus fully repaid, not quite correct:
"Made, indeed, the last payment. But for some time the facilities are in the way, of course."
The question why the Belarusian side tightened calculations, sire Kupriyanov says:

Sergei Kupriyanov, "All conditions to calculate as it is now seen to be"

"I think that analysts will answer this question. After saying that all the conditions to get as it is now seen to be. "
Analyst, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council of Russian external and defense policy Karaganov in an interview with our Radio said, Belarus not prolong the case calculations with "Gazprom".
In his view, it is — a manifestation of an old relapse when Minsk was sure rich Our homeland forgive debts of Belarus:
"Belarusian pryvuchylasya management, which can be Russia is not calculated. Accustomed to padkormlivannya own economic model nyazhytstsyazdolnay Russian prices. And now it is forced to part with this raschudesnye time. "

Karaganov: "Belarusian pryvuchylasya management that can not be calculated with Russia"

Russian analyst notes that BelarusianManagement at the moment need to say goodbye to yet another illusion: Tipo, it can influence the internal situation in Russia:
"Belarus is not a factor in internal politics of. We support acts Russian control who wishes have an adequate price for all that we supply the outer world. "
Since July, the Belarusian side should pay the full price of gas at the rate of $ 100 per a thousand cubic meters. Sergei Kupriyanov said today that, pursuant to the agreement, Belarus should transfer funds no later than the 23rd of the following month. So, in July must pay no later than August 23. Given the fact that in the summer than winter gas supplies or fall, experts at predicting: Belarus in July to pay to "Gazprom" more than 100 million dollars. And for the second half of typed about billions of dollars.

Valentin Mackiewicz: "There is significant, up to 80%, export orientation of our products"

Last employee of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus Valentin Mackiewicz believes that these conditions will be more languid for the Belarusian economy:
"But they are not catastrophic. Fact, that there is a significant (80%) export orientation of our products, first — in Russia. It is more affordable. And even with these gas prices increase the final product is not will be very perceptible. It will be noticeable, but not a tremendous increase. And she will need in the Russian market. Although with certain products (for example, with clay tiles, TVs, cement), the situation looks more complicated. "

Payable to "Gazprom" appeared for the reason that in the first half This year Belarus pays only 55% of the total price of gas. "Gazprom" has agreed to this request, the Belarusian government that motivated the need to adapt its economy to the new gas prices.

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