Belarus increased the export duties on oil and oil products

Belarus is obliged to harmonize export duties on oil and oil products to the size accordingly Russian intergovernmental agreement of 12 January 2007. We recall that in early January this year Belarus due to the unsettled criterion oil supplies temporarily ended her imports.
Currently working in Belarus new criteria — when our country every two months reviewing all these duties. Tatiana explains economist Manyanok:
"Belarus has received a completely new rules of the game. Tougher than last year in the oil market. According to the rules of the game that set the Belarusian government, it also revises the amount of subsidy for refiners. If this fee increases, there will be increased and the amount of subsidy.
The budget should spend any amount of compensation due to refiners spetsmytam Russian oil supply to Belarus. The plant is very difficult to this situation. They are somewhere on the verge of profitability. "
The Council of Ministers first Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko said backorder Russian oil to Belarus at the moment constitute 17 percent of the balance.
In addition, in connection with the introduction of Russian oil export duty Belarus and enforced increase of Belarusian export duties on oil products, of the concern "Belneftekhim" do not scheduled characteristics profitability.
In refineries refused to comment on the situation.
Tatiana Manyanok economist says:
"If in the past year they have earned without the help of other funds for reconstruction, purchase of oil, currently has no funds for the reconstruction of any, nor for the purchase of oil. They should take out loans for this purpose. But if subzero profitability, then do it is very hard. Very huge funds needed for reconstruction. "
In this situation, Russian companies are interested to purchase Belarusian oil factory. Tatiana Manyanok:
"But it must be understood that this will be very tough bargaining. I understand: there are behind the scenes are traded on the privatization of Belarusian oil refineries. "

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