Belarus promises now quite settle with Gazprom

Meanwhile Various sources refer to different amounts of payments already made. For example, a source in the state administration said the agency "Interfax" that still third in August on account of "Gazprom" donated more than 300 million dollars. A first Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko says that in one day was paid 190 million, and for the next day — about 60 million. He said, Belarus to pay the debt previously scheduled "Gazprom" period — August 10.
Payable to "Gazprom" appeared for the reason that in the first half This year Belarus pays only 55% of the total price of gas. "Gazprom" has agreed to this request, the Belarusian government that motivated his need to adapt to the new economy gas prices.
Since July, the Belarusian side should pay the full price of gas at the rate of $ 100 per a thousand cubic meters. So, in July must pay no later than August 23. Given the fact that in the summer than winter gas supplies or fall, experts at predicting — Belarus in July to pay to "Gazprom" about 100 millions of dollars.
According to Vladimir Semashko, then crosses the country on payment of one hundred percent of gas supplies. "To us it will be hard, but the honor, dignity and reputation our country must be above all, "- said the first vice-premier of the Belarusian government.
• Honor, dignity and reputation of Belarus and "Gazprom", 07.08.2007

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