Belarusian athletes are counting on the success of the Olympic Games in Sochi

This is the first Winter Olympics to be held in Russia. In the 1980 Summer Olympic Games, boycotted by a number of Western countries to take Moscow.
Belarus to the choice of the IOC reacted benevolence. Sports bureaucrats believe that come to compete in good shape will help Center winter training, outdoor Aleksandr Lukashenko This year in the Red Polyana near Sochi.
Selecting capital "snow-white" 2014 Olympics took place without the participation of the Belarusians. As said, the press attache of the State Olympic Committee Peter Riabukhin none Belarusian sports bureaucrat is a member of the IOC and therefore can not vote on nominees cities finalists. Did not attend the IOC session in Guatemala and NOC President Alexander Lukashenko.
P.Rabuhin "in Sochi will be ultra-base"
Meanwhile fact that the choice of Sochi Olympic NOC welcomes Belarusian capital.
"It is symbolic that in 1980 in Moscow were HHII Summer Olympic Games, and now — just XXIII, but the Winter Olympics — says Peter Riabukhin. For our team, of course, is great. During 1-x, Europe — do not need fly anywhere in a different time zone where the other climatic factors. Vo-2, our friendly government.
It means a lot, even in the matter of accommodation of athletes. Normal diet, without any difficulties, which do not exclude us expect, for example, in Beijing.
Another advantage of in that in Salzburg already have sports facilities, but they have long been built. In Phenchhangu sports facilities passed not so long ago, but in 2014 they are morally obsolete. And Our homeland will build ultra sports facilities that will fit already so time. "
Gratification choice IOC has already expressed the Belarusian sports bureaucrats.
The Minister of Sports and Tourism Alexander Grigorov said that athletes are not useful special acclimatization and the role of the competition will be much cheaper than even in Austria.
NOC Secretary General Jora Katulin believes that Belarusians will be able to adapt to Sochi much earlier than others — first through the center of winter training, which began work in the Red Glade.
In addition, the Belarusian fans will be able to get there without problems in Sochi — in Korea to get it would be much harder.
M Zakharov: "With these investments Russians all have time"
Last hockey team head coach of Belarus Mikhail Zakharov does not fluctuate that Russian in the allotted time will be able to fulfill all the requirements of the IOC and build the most modern sports facilities:
"Infrastructure is, of course, the Russians seven years quietly create. Especially since that talking about a very significant investment vkladyvatelnye. Because seven years — completely real time.
You’re a look: Sports Palace on 15 thousand spectators we in Minsk for two years build. Because problems will not, and we can expect a very strong and spectacular Olympics.
And if we participate in these games (and we definitely would get, since we had already powerful team will be), then I think it would be nice — and for the players, and for all Belarusian athletes. "
At the Winter Olympics Belarus is represented rather timidly. First, it’s freestyle, biathlon, speed skating, skiing discipline and, if successful scenario, hockey.
Appropriate and successes. Also freestylers who usually carry merits of snowy Olympics, representatives of other disciplines observed occasionally. A gold piggy bank in the Belarusian State team does not have to This time.
In the NAC are convinced that the 2014 Olympics will be prepared in such masters until nebelorusskih sports like skiing, snowboarding and curling.
But the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, Canada will be held for the Belarusians in the same format.

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