Belarusian authorities from Belgium Lukashenko searches through Interpol

37-year-old Alyaksandar Jankowski lives in Belgium 5 years together with her family» — his wife and 2 siblings, one — seven years, to another — three and a half.
Alyaksandar — businessman with the Grodno region of Astravets. In Belgium, left, hiding from the persecution of the authorities and asked for political shelter there. In May of this Belarusian detained on the Polish-Lithuanian border, since the General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus requested the Lithuanian employees requesting arrest Alexander Jankowski and pass it off as a criminal offender. After reporting on the radio "Freedom" on the Belarusian authorities Yankovsky presented his information to Interpol.
"The regime pursues Belarusian activists abroad is not for the fact that they are friends of a party, and even just for their social activity — says Alyaksandar Jankowski. — This is not the first case of such a fabricated case against the Belarusian public and political activists in Belgium maybe in other countries was similar, only they are not reported or are not sufficiently informed. I understand that the Belarusian authorities are keen to show that Europe perceives Tipo thieves. And also, that the regime will be able to suspend activists everywhere. "
S. Pimenov not the first case and with the search through Interpol
According to the Belarusian society in Belgium, the regime of Alexander Lukashenko activates sample intimidate the Belarusian political emigration. One way — the criminal cases against the Belarusian public and political activists abroad and, therefore, appeal to other countries with a request to detain and extradite Belarus these political refugees as criminals.
Dmitry Pimenov, chairman of the Belarusian-European association in Belgium, says that the charges against Alexander Jankowski appeared only at the moment when strengthened its status in Belgium and he joined the public activity.
"A couple of years he lived in Brussels, nobody touched him. But particularly after Alexander received the paper, how to strengthen its status in Belgium, and it is more activated — began to go to our church, to pickets, participate in promotions — began persecution. "
According to Dmitry Pimenov it — not the first attempt of the Belarusian authorities to discredit the Belarusian activists in Belgium:
"Since we have another such example was — also a man lived quietly for years in Belgium, and none of them was interested in Belarusian law enforcement agencies, until he joined the active public activity. Even not political, but simply the Belarusian public activities. Soon Belarus applied information on it to Interpol. So that here looks very similar, so I think that this whole thing with the detention Jankowski specifically because of his political activity. "
Meanwhile Jankowski after reporting on radio "Freedom", he said that Belarus applied and its information to Interpol, which indicated that he was charged with in the "sins against life and health, huliganizme, vandalizme and destruction."
Previously, Belarus was not interested
Alyaksandar Jankowski said that although it blamed criminal sins committed Tipo few years ago, to the nearest time of Belarus did not find it.
"I work in the Lithuanian company. Vilnius sister lives my mom. Previously many went to Lithuania — no problems — says Alexander. Recent years, and I went to Poland and Germany. 6 years I have found no one and I was not thief. And here I got a May 14 Lithuanian visa, called mom — say that convey what to bring — and on May 17 I served on the wanted list. seems moms phone tapped. Already from this it is clear that the whole thing was fabricated. "
In his youth, as he said himself, Alexander Jankowski, he had problems with the police: it was an error for which he was responsible, all the cases were closed, says Alexander. The inhabitants of his native Astravets, with whom I could talk, remembered his name and characterized its contradictory. Jankowski does not deny the past, said that for all the answers, and argues that the birth of the first son of his life changed. He was engaged in business, supported Poznyak and joined the CCP BPF. Jankowski rejects new charges against him.
Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus A.Ivanovsky in a statement to the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office claims that Oleg Jankowski and his friend on 2 September 2001 in Astravets Restaurant "Belarus" Tipo "attacked a 2-guests without preconditions and beat them." And another charge. According to a statement from Belarus, May 29, 1999 in Slovakia Yankovsky together with accomplices Tipo "attacked employees massage parlor in the town of loopholes, beat them, threatened them with a knife and sought the means." And there is also reported that the Tipo "Yankovsky was detained by police on the Slovak scene of the crime, but immediately released."
Arrested for racketeering and immediately released?
Yankovsky said that in Slovakia, he really had anything to do with the police. Wife told him that she expects the baby, and the event is celebrated. If the cafe decided that mark very noisy, was caused by the police and Belarusians pay a fine. Alexander Jankowski know what they paid immediately and did not detain him, and then he and his wife lived more than a month in Slovakia. During his own travels, he crossed the border legally — he was not detained, says Jankowski.
Yankovsky notes that allegations of Belarus — not only true, and just inconsistent, and adds: "The Belarusian Prosecutor General’s Office reports that Tipo I was under investigation and under house arrest since September 2001. But in November 2001, Belarus, I was given a passport with permission to travel to all countries of the world. I went with this passport for another year, my whole passport zashtampavany and only in August 2002, asked the Belgian shelter, if it was completely unrealistic. This is nonsense — a person with such atrocities as outlined Belarus, nobody would have even issued under the subscription. "
There are other contradictions — party affiliation Alexander Jankowski, who calls himself a friend of the CCP BPF.
Acting in Belarus, chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front "Revival" and the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yury Belenky told our radio:
"Alexander Jankowski is not a party member. We learned about the situation associated with it, just from the information sources, with Radio Liberty. In time and the Chairman of Zenon Pozniak and Sejm special statements made and information messages about a certain mistrust of several individuals from Belgium — the name of this very country and people who are there — and distrust for the reason that these people Tipo suffered for their political activities, and that they really sincerely express the interests of Belarusians in this country. "
Yury Belenky said that the party has long decided not to issue any certificates for any statusau abroad. He stressed that Alexander Jankowski knows — maybe it Belarusian activist, but is not associated with the CCP BPF.
Alexander Jankowski calls himself a friend of the CCP BPF — whether planned concerning any statement from the party?
It Yu.Belenky replied: "Such cases — the usual thing. Should such party on each occasion to do my application?"
Yankovsky: "I — for Poznyak and reverse joined the CCP BPF"
Why Alexander Jankowski calls himself a friend of the Conservative Christian Party BPF?
After a conversation with Yuri Belenky I again called Alexander Jankowski to ask him this question.
"My details of the party already mailed from Belgium to Lithuania and is, together with other papers of my case in the Department of movement in Lithuania. You can behold it. I joined the party in August 2001. Novogrudskaya I came into council, because we in Astravets BPF was not pleased. I previously lived in Navagrudak.
Novogrudskaya Board Chairman hiding from political persecution, he is currently in Belgium. All my problems started, I joined the party. I was warned by the police — had previously had problems with us, and Now go to the opposition, so we’ll put him. During the year 2001-2002 was held pressure on my SNM» w, and because I had to flee to Belgium. "
Later Alexander Jankowski remembered next event: on your party card and a passport issued to him in Belarus at the same time in 2001 — a similar picture, so of course, that the accounting party card — real, he said.
In Belgium, supported
Belarusians Belgium supported Alexander Jankowski. After his arrest in Lithuania they turned in there the Lithuanian Embassy and sent an application to the Vilnius Regional Tribunal, which decides the extradition case Jankowski. In the Belarusian-European unification are convinced that the criminal case against Jankowski fabricated.
Chairman of the Association in Belgium Dmitry Pimenov said: "I think this is specifically because of his political activities. Fact that it was a criminal case — I vyznat follow: the case falsified. The man, who served on the tribunal Yankovsky, did it under duress, it was done by the police pressure. In fact there is already a receipt, that whoever filed for Yankovsky a tribunal has no claims against him and that the pressure applied by the police. And the one who led the case against Yankovsky seven or five years ago, he now sits in jail. "
"In January 2005, Major Romaszewski, who was involved in my case, a company convicted of a criminal gang in the police. He was sentenced 12 years in prison. Since 1991 the police they were doing 14 years police extortion, and nobody Tipo not beheld. Someone, surely, it analyzed the paper and saw that fabrykuetstsa case, yes, it was decided to move the case, "- adds Alexander Jankowski.
Intimidated relatives in Belarus
Intimidated and relatives of Alexander Jankowski in Belarus. He told that his wife’s mother, 70-year-old lady who lives in the Grodno region, in the village of Malaya Berestovica also was a criminal case — they accused her that she Tipo car torched and destroyed the tomb monument in the cemetery. Alexander Jankowski says that the charges were so absurd that it ended.
At the court session in Vilnius, when considered the case for his extradition, Alexander Jankowski stated that repeatedly delayed and was ruthlessly zbivany police in Belarus for his political activities, he threatened to "loss of health and freedom" if he will continue to support the CCP BNF.
Yankovsky said that Belarus was threatened, that the CCP BPF "will be made criminal group, which fail under such articles of the Criminal Code of Belarus, the death penalty. "So Alexander Jankowski said in court in Vilnius, when the question of his extradition.
40 days in jail
In Lithuania, Alexander Jankowski initially treated exactly as the accused in criminal sins. After being detained at the border, he spent 40 days in prison — first seven days in Lazdiyay later in Vilna Lukishki to a court decision.
He notes that he had been treated correctly, have allowed to call his wife in detention in Belgium and Director of the Lithuanian company in which he works.
"They treated me with the knowledge, then behold the that all this is fabricated," — says Jankowski.
Received the statement of the Prosecutor General of Belarus, the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office appealed to the Vilnius Regional Tribunal to decide the question of extradition Jankowski. But immediately after the arrest Jankowski asked for political asylum in Lithuania — in response to the migration department has given a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.
Political asylum
"Since the first time I applied for political asylum in Belgium and I got there a fixed residence permit, the Lithuanian Department of movement decided that this issue is considered in Belgium, and decided to send me to Belgium. But still I should expect Tribunal decides that "- explains Jankowski.
At the moment he was released from custody, but throw Lithuania Jankowski can not. Vilnius Regional Tribunal last week postponed the extradition case — questions emerged regarding the status of political refugee in Belgium Jankowski. Attorney Jankowski said that appropriate inquiries are made in Belgium possible faster.
"The case of political asylum has been suspended since we got permission to constant residence in Belgium" regularization ", — says Alexander Jankowski. — There is such a term. It was long — more than three years while we lived in Belgium, were built, studied language, two education I got there yet, our youngest son was born in Belgium. Because the government decided to give us permission for the continued residence in Belgium for regularization and function on the political shelter suspended. uttered We did not need to worry about his fate, if you live in a free democratic country. "
"I am grateful and Lithuanian immigration department, and the Lithuanian government and the court for that reacted with the knowledge to my business and did not give me to go to Belarus, and began to consider my case. I — for a fair verdict. People understand that all this is fabricated. Just do not know why so long stretches it all — the third month, "says Alexander Jankowski.
He says he feels the support and assistance to people — and from friends and from relatives and from colleagues. "I feel this support, Belarusians from Belgium from Europe call me express support", — says Alexander.
In Vilnius Alexander quite close to their parents, but they are unlikely to meet again. "Mother does not have a visa. His father is sick — had a heart attack, he is paralyzed in half, and the mother can not throw it 1st." Alexander says that mom zastseragaetstsa even talk on the phone, because the phone, of course, be heard.
Alexander Jankowski states that relies on a fair solution own business, and adds: "It is hard without a family» and because I do not see here a spouse, kids. But people in Belarus who are struggling with the regime, and even harder worse, since they are no protection. "
Yankovsky: "The regime seeks to intimidate Belarusian activists abroad", 25.07.2007 • Lithuania: the case for the extradition of fugitive Belarus postponed, 24.07.2007

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