Belarusian can threaten the web unhurried death

According to "Reporters without borders", organized by the authorities as a result of repression Belarusian vebu can threaten a slow death. "
"Control of information in Belarus is one of the most hard on the post-Soviet space. Media also do not need control and liberalization "- say" Reporters without Borders ".
In a statement, international journalist organization notes that "Belarusian government has a monopoly on telecommunications and completely smuschyaetsya block opposition websites, especially during elections. Specifically, these websites have befallen attack intruders. During the March events 2006 some web pages mysteriously disappeared from the Web. "
According to the latest ratings of "Reporters without Borders", Belarus ranks 151 th position in the midst of 168 countries on the degree of deference to state media freedom.

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