BRAZIL moved TENDER F-X2 2013

BRAZIL moved TENDER F-X2 2013
The Brazilian Government has decided to move on in 2013 summarizing F-X2 tender for the supply of 36 new fighters, reports Defense News. Funds for the purchase of combat aircraft are not included in the military budget for the current year. Currently, the authorities have no winner of the tender. According to the source agency, the government wants to await the outcome of the U.S. presidential elections in November 2012, and after that decision will be made on the purchase order or other aircraft.

In the Brazilian tender F-X2, Assessment administered in the past couple of years in the interests of the Air Force participates Boeing, Dassault and Saab. They offer the Brazilian military fighter F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale and JAS 39 Gripen. Small price to contract with one of the participants is estimated at 5 billion dollars. Unofficially won the tender listed South American and French aircraft. In December 2012 the President of Brazil Dilma Ruseff visit to France, where it can be to hold talks to buy Rafale.

Middle of July 2012 South American concern Boeing Brazil offered greater access to technologies used in the Super Hornet. In addition, the Group has entered into with the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer joint development, including the participation of the Boeing KC-390 project. Yet, the Brazilian authorities fear that if the purchase is made Super Hornet, the U.S. can block access to certain technologies aircraft.

Earlier, the presidents of Brazil and India have held talks on the outcome of the Indian tender MMRCA, in which participated fighter Rafale. This warplane defeated in the Indian tender. The Brazilian side expects to receive from India test data Rafale. In addition, Dassault has promised to give Brazil a full access to all the technology used in the Rafale. In general, the authorities believe the price of French fighters unreasonably high.

In the past couple of years, Brazil lacks the military budget. In addition, to support the economy of the state authorities are now pushing to foreign suppliers of the requirement to provide access to technology. So Makar, winner of the tender will be the company that offers more than a cheap aircraft with the highest level of access to technology. According to unconfirmed reports, the most chances in the tender has a South American fighter F/A-18E/F.
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