Call to Freedom: What precisely calculation, the stronger friendship

Man: "Very well made by the president of America regarding visa restrictions for Belarusian officials. Let spoil the Belarusian people means suppressed here and not stick in civilized countries. How good gardener George Bush does not allow weeds to spread through the land. "
Lady: "Hello, Freedom. Thank you for being there. Once, in the midst of the 80s, when the borrowed funds gave his own great friend, then refuses to teach her the remains of some pennies. To this he said I experienced words: "What precisely calculation, the stronger friendship." I distinctly remember these words, and addition time I try to live by this rule. Not was necessary all these 13 years exult "freebies" — a cheap gas. It was not necessary to find the means, as someone "throw" and find and even take power. What we have in these 13 years? Economic magic? "
Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Very well done America that forbade certain race, but it would be better that the EU and did the same. There are creative people — let them move, let talk and make policy, to be be. This will be the most reasonable. If a person is the director, it is the worst villain. I have the facts on this matter very many. Written statement to the Prosecutor’s Office, but whether that? "
Student: "The significant increase in the number of officials travel ban — expected, smart but belated and missing step. U.S. takes decisions slowly, conservatively. This — a half-measure. Belarus Authorities also respond to any acts of Belarus simultaneously — takes appropriate prohibitions. In recent years it open provocation and primitive arrests, which also did not escape me. Remind decision Yushchenko in Ukraine, which dismissed outright 15 thousand officials who obviously constrained democracy. I believe that a decisive step the U.S. should support Europe and other democratic countries. "
Man: "Tell me, please, on what legitimate basis based statement of the Ministry of Interior regarding investments in exchange for Belarusian citizenship? Whether it complies with the law? "
Man: "The question to anyone who considers himself a politician. How do you feel about the outlook," the bullpen for a politician worthy to have this title, exactly the same as a weapon for a fighter — a great honor and encouragement for new business? "This idea Moldovan-Romanian writer Bogdan Petrucheyku Hashdeu. "
Lady: "There is a very faithful saying:" Do not jump over the river — do not read "GOP". Starchenko I wish to ask: at whose expense it Belarusian economy weathered arrears for gas? Let her take an interest, as they can withstand the poor, hungry elderly, disabled , kids, students? Braves taking away from this category of people recently, even ordinary existence. not stand the Belarusian economy and sustained Lukashenka’s capitalism. "
Lady: "In a day or heard some lady complained in despair, he did not know how to feed their own children. Suppose the authorities prosperous country released a list of those products and services that can allow mom to her child, to meet the so called small consumer basket, and how much it costs, provided that the family has a roof over his head, and the kids there never was ill. To come to mind about our leader phrase "from time to time myasko little child." Comparing this "basket" with wages sober, industrious Belarusian becomes clear that he, interrupting on bread and water, can grow at least 1 small potato On the kid. "

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