Chapter Shklou department BPF A.Fedorov remains in jail

Alexander Fedorov accused infringement procedures for salary payments. He, allegedly, paid wages frontman parties. If wine Fedorov will be confirmed, he faces up to 6 years imprisonment with confiscation of property. Before his arrest, Fedorov worked as a foreman on the 2-boiler in Shklou.
Sovereign Fedorova detained on June 14. Conclude the first night spent in the clinic policies — had a heart attack. Currently Alexander Fedorov contain in Mogilev remand.
Lawyer Fedorov said, "Freedom", which will continue to seek the release of the defendant from his own protection.
Wife Alexandra Fedorova Olga was seen with her husband three times — when he was brought in from Mogilev Škloŭ for questioning. She hopes that the punishment wife limit "chemistry." Spouse guilt Olga did not believe.
Managing regional organization BPF Grigory Kostusev prosecutor’s refusal to release from custody Fedorov sees as a personal dislike to activist bureaucrat.
"Such a special case began in 2001. During presidential elections Alexander Fedorov intensively involved in the organization-independent observations. And authorities it is very did not like. Yield: ordinary human revenge, implementation of mandatory features on a specific person. In these trifles some people are willing to show that the opposition also violate the law. That’s the main goal of power on present day "- Said Grigory Kostusev.
Kastusyou not exclude that the shortcomings in the work of Alexander Fedorov would. Shortly before his arrest, he was assigned to manage with 2 boilers. Increased amount of work — could something th nedaglyadets.
Alexander Fedorov — an active participant election campaigns. In 2001 he had been arrested — the order of the public prosecutor. But soon released. Alexander Fedorov 49 years.
• Glasses: Branch chapter BPF extended term of imprisonment, 15.08.2007 • In Shklou detained managing regional organization BPF, 14.08.2007

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