Chavez will support those whom received U.S. pressure

According to observers, covering the true working visit Chavez on Latin America, we are in including refers to such countries as Belarus and Iran. According to South American Internet resource Earthtimes, "Venezuelan manager has promoted brotherly Belarus give debt to" Gazprom ". According to the information vserasprostranennoy next international agencies, Caracas offered Belarus a credit to the floorbillion dollars, wherein, at 3% and 15 years.
Meanwhile comment for this disk imaging Radio Liberty a diplomatic consulate Bolivarian Republic Venesuela in Minsk refrains.
According to South American edition of the Boston Globe, while in South America, Chavez is using its own oil diplomacy is eager to mitigate the impact of the U.S. in the region. In Buenos Aires, he announced his intention to buy the debt of Argentina 1 price billion dollars, Mantevidea in an agreement on the construction of the Uruguayan refinery price 5 billion dollars.
During Chavez’s visit to Bolivia, along with his associate Morales wants to sign an agreement to develop common naftazdabyvchaga here on a $ 600 millions of dollars.
The Venezuelan leader has also promised that his country will become a real center of socialism of the XXI century, the South American writes Boston Globe.
Earlier, during his visit to Minsk Chavez said, "I saw in Belarus Venesuela the model public company, which had just started to create at home. We are against the domination of capitalism, regardless of where it would be all right — from Europe, North America or other parts of the world"

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