Constantine left Lukashou sentence without changes

July 26 afternoon referee Leninsky district court of Minsk Tatiana Zhulkovskaya read the verdict in a criminal case Lukashou Constantine.
Recall that in Last year March 29 Konstantin Loukashov export from third medical clinic his brother, opposition activist Vyacheslav Siuchyk. Unknown men in civilian showed signs Constantine to pause the car, but he did not obey. Later, one of the policemen, Anatoly Sushchenya, filed a statement saying that his Tipo hit by a car driven by Sgt.
December 19 Lukashou Constantine was arrested and held in pre-trial detention. In This year February 20 tribunal sentenced him to two years in prison a suspended execution of sentence two years.
Constantine appealed, and at the highest levels sentence canceled. On the new process of eyewitness testimony did not confirm the attack on policeman SUSHCHENYA, but, despite this, the court confirmed its earlier verdict.
Changed only what that at the moment Konstantin Loukashov not have to pay money SUSHCHENYA — as moral damages.
Konstantin Loukashov so commented sentence:
"Of course, the system must somehow isolate me for these two years to have any pressure on me, that I was sitting and never rushed. Incidentally, the authorities at the moment it would be useful to admit in public that they may err , show some democracy and independence of the court, but …
I can not read my public danger level such that we decided to throw such a sentence. But something in it. It is enough to deal Merkle Actually . "
Konstantin Loukashov will again seek the abolition of the sentence. On the verdict came representatives of the OSCE, U.S. embassies, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and salted several youth activists.
When people break up, KGB detained activist "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk.
Tribunal over Konstantin Lukashov continue July 25, 2007 • 11:07 Konstantin Loukashov: "Absolute pitch does not allow listening to falsehood", 20.02.2007

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