Customs officials convicted of bribery, although not found the means

June 20 were accused in the case, among them fourteen customs.
In the midst of the most senior customs — Sergey Dmitriev, who until his arrest in 2003, he served as Head of the Municipal Customs Committee.
Sergei Dmitriev and several customs in Last year recognized guilty in a number of crimes committed during the customs. Then last customs received 13 years in prison.
Now for the same articles of the Criminal Code, but for other crimes he was sentenced to 13 and a half years, the increment sentence of 6 months. Dmitrieva accomplice received from 3 to 12 years.

Behind bars — seven customs officials and businessmen. Half an hour later to be joined by three convicts
Sixteen people are not imprisoned, though recognized guilty. 3, including furniture salon owner Lena Filipenko, was taken into custody in the courtroom.
Some relatives have agreed to comment on the verdict.
Scion Sergei Dmitriev Valentin convinced that his father did not povinet:
"Not found the stolen money or Tipo or property. And in the first trial we did not seized, because his father has nothing to withdraw."
According to the young man, his father refused to cooperate with investigators. For this, consider the offspring of him and made a "favorite customs mafia".
1st wife of the accused is also convinced that the fault of the former employees of the Minsk regional customs in court has not been validated:
"Why no bribe was not visible? After could arrest while receiving a bribe, and not only talk about the bribes. "
The prosecutor Sergei Stsebakov was partially satisfied with the verdict. According to the prosecutor, wine customs and their accomplices businessmen completely validated.
In the absence of physical evidence of bribery Stsebakov Sergey explained to this:
"A number of the defendants in this case their property — for example, houses — made out to others. So makarom, not have found — this is not a question for the prosecution. This should be done the investigation and operational staff. "
The lawyer defending the former head of the department of the Minsk regional customs Stanislav Vasilyev, who received the sentence for 11 years in prison for his role in a criminal organization and bribery.
Dmitry Harachka says that the investigation is not even real evidence exhibited: bribery sentenced only on the basis of a telephone conversation. Lawyer concerned about trends that, in his opinion, found this process:
"We are beginning to generate powerlessness. So any official can be convicted solely on the basis of bribes statements. Understand that the fight against corruption needs, but we have a law — and only on the basis of his need to act."
For disk imaging of prosecutors, investigators in the police prepared to consider the third criminal case the role of the former customs officer Sergei Dmitriev and his colleagues. On This time investigators interested in customs clearance furniture and clothes "second-hand". The prosecutor’s office they say that, without waiting for the result of the investigation and trial of the third, Sergei Dmitriev and other customs officers will be sent to the colony. Attorney Stsebakov agreed that keep people in pretrial detention for more than 4 years — "it’s very."
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