Debates of Liberty: A.Yanukevich against B. Navasyad

Hanna Sous: "The Emperor Yanukevich you were registered as a candidate for the House of Representatives yesterday said that shooting his candidacy. Why? Explain your position."

Alexei Yanukevich:
"The most basic factor that led me to make it in today’s criteria when the course can not talk about the fact that elections can be democratic and free, even at the moment of course it does. If receiving signals from different European countries, which have the ability to recognize this Chamber of these countries, I believe that such a scenario would be very unsafe for the future of Belarus. And that ability to prevent such a development, I decided to withdraw my candidacy. "
Sous: "The Emperor Navasyad, You stay for the candidate, and will continue in the campaign. Your arguments? What you do not agree with the position of the sovereign Yanukevich?

Vladimir Navasyad: "There are democratic nations, but today their not their country. We have a country, we have some kind of hierarchy of power, so called vertical, because, if we wish to change the situation to the best, you need to participate in the elections. Though many really refer to them is not an election, and products. Because for me personally is not an end in itself elected a deputy, I’m just sure that the elections are democratic, if they in fact Democrats are participating. "
Sous"The Emperor Vladimir, you were the House of Representatives 2nd convocation. Please tell me, from your experience, is there any real leverage to influence the situation in the country as a deputy. What you have gained as an MP than you can be proud of?"
Navasyad: "The opposition is becoming democratic force, if it is a public platform for which it can express a position that differs from the official. Only Democrats are the opposition. Currently we are all ordinary Democrats, we still need to be opposition. Naturally, I am proud to own work in the House of Representatives 2nd convocation, as I managed to create three bills, including the other service. I had a legitimate chance to work in their own electoral environment during these 4 years. And at the moment I’m working as a candidate for own environment, it helps me a lot. "
Sous: "Yanukevich, and that you should not have removed his candidacy into parliament that would first try to do as a deputy?"

In today’s criteria to get into this chamber can, I am fully confident only if a political solution to the current authorities, political decision Lukashenko

Yanukevich"First, I wish to say that in today’s criteria to get into this chamber can, I am fully confident only if a political solution to the current authorities, political decision Lukashenko. If you can imagine for yourself what all the same it would be such a decision with respect to a of candidates from BPF, namely me, which I very my hesitation, I immediately agree with Vladimir that you can not actually produce power through this House, but you can use this position as a platform in order to articulate the challenges that stand, and in order to achieve a more complete disk imaging. To even through friends of the Chamber is independent society to recognize that the reality is in the state — in certain sectors of the economy, because disk imaging totally hidden from society. "

Sous"The Emperor Vladimir, many rumors about the lists of candidates drawn up by the authorities, which will be held in Parliament. What is your forecast as Democratic deputies can get into parliament. According to Sergei Kalyakin, 5 candidates have a chance to get into parliament. At our website was discussion on this matter. What is your forecast as opposition MPs would be? "

likely to undergo strong enough, but you need to use these chances to fight for the end of these mandates

Navasyad: "For example, on my environment the candidate of the government — the Honoured Artist Gennady Davydko, so it generally in a publication said: "I’m disappointed in the voter, I did for the presidential monarchy". If such candidates are re deputies, naturally, some have lists, for sane these candidates simply can not choose deputies. Because I do not currently have any information, not counting those districts where we have our candidates from the Party of Justice and Progress. The main thing a day or two or three before the vote, because at the moment is such trends is, if schools organize meetings for those candidates who should be held. It’s about those lists, which we were talking. I think so, that much chance to pass a little, but you need to use these chances to fight for the end of these mandates. "
Sous: "And you, sire Yanukevich how to think, how many Democratic candidates become MPs?"
Yanukevich"Lots of it is two people, and of course, it will be, once again, in the case of a political solution. I am convinced that this political decision will be made at the last moment, as is typical to make such decisions and other kinds of solutions Lukashenko. I am convinced that it will not be the most powerful representatives of democratic parties. "

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