Deepest: who tries russifyi only Belarusian-language schools?

From the words of the head of the district education department Roman Tarasevich, in a dispute involving teachers, ancestors and local bureaucrats:
"Cooking school conference. It will be held in September. Before that will be the parent and student meetings. Specifically this will decide the issue."
Ask what personal opinion is sovereign Tarasevich.
"We want to preserve the Belarusian-language schools."
Or committed in this case, the pressure on municipal bureaucrat?
"This is the caseare not even residents of the deepest
Head Gluboksky RONO replies: "This is done by individuals. Not even the deepest inhabitants. Several people such."
Again: ‘why these people do not conduct their own grandchildren in Russian schools? ".
"Oh, so I do not know …" — meets head Gluboksky RONO Roman Tarasevich.
"We live in Belarus, and our kids need to know the native language perfectly"
Who incite inmates to zrusifikavannya deepest Belarusian schools? Mom says Tatiana pershaklyasnitsy Smotnik:
"One grandfather — Head Chamber of Commerce. 2nd — deputy in the regional council. Also those whose ancestors in Minsk and Vitebsk occupy different positions, decided that their kids should not know whiteRussian language. Invited: "Let’s collect signatures!" I was offered. But I immediately refused. If I still have a few people refused. We live in Belarus, and our kids need to know the native language perfectly. "
Prior to the school year in Belarus close 80 schools
The Ministry of Education said that the number of Belarusian schools before the school year is reduced by 5 percent. It is more than 80 schools.
The situation is commented Chairman Belarusian Language Society named Skarina Oleg Trusov:
"Every village is dying, the 10’s schools closed. Oh, and sly" locked "in the islands belarushchyny campuses. And what is to be done? First, it is necessary that our opposition was more involved this problem. Here’s a clear example: members of TBM in Grodno got at the moment permission to create a Belarusian-language classes. And at the moment, "struck" permission to create several classes of Belarusian Mogilev. "
The U.S. State Department said on discrimination Belarusian language in Belarus, 6.04.2007 • In the Belarusian language schools began to teach beginners in Russian, 26.09.2005 • Why do so many ancestors do not give kids a Belarusian-language schools?, 27.05.2005

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