Died majestic director Ingmar Bergman

Bergman in Belarus looked selected audience
Ingmar Bergman was the eighty-ninth
Recent years he is not shooting movies. Many even thought that this personth and dead. A live his films, because they — the true art. That news, which now came from Sweden, shook every art lover, majestic master. Says Belarusian filmmaker Alexander Karpov:
Karpov: "Strawberry Fields" — the first movie that was shown us, — caused a furore. All at once it got a crush, and I do too. And then I, in fact, Growing up in a family of filmmakers had the opportunity, all his films almost swallowed. First I motivate the iconic structure of his films, which was very exciting, symbalistychnym. I currently just stunned death Bergman. This is — a great loss. Although why the loss? Bergman is still with us. After such people for the population of the earth is always in culture and history. "
Naturally, most of the movies watched Bergman in Belarus chosen audience. I remember when they showed the "Whisper and scream" even happy, the owner of the House of Cinema passes almost fought at the door to get to the session. Until Bergmanavyh movies usually some of the critics quickly read at one point successfully found a formula that reflects the master "crisis of bourgeois consciousness" or "disintegration of bourgeois morality." Thanks to this formula, the individual films Bergman broke through a large censors and got even widescreen former place of "socialist realism."
Realism Bergman films differed from Russian
It manifests itself in a deep sheltered spiritual experiences, mental suffering person is disconnected from society, with themselves, with God. Through the complicated characters and metaphors art form with its own unique Master actors as, for example, Max von Zyudav, Liv Ullmann or Bibi Andersson broke through to the most sheltered of the human senses.
Bergman came to the place of human relationships or emotions, which puts on display there were either morally unacceptable or impractical in art. Under deep psychoanalysis fell samotnasts, death, sexuality, children’s facilities, belief and disbelief in God.
Kinasvet Bergman — pessimistic. He could not look his films often because, as he confessed, and they call it depression. Bergman aware pesymistychnasts own work. But stated that his creativity was able to advance beyond the boundaries narmalnastsi and cinema, and himself.
Bergman and expanded the boundaries of theatrical art, breaking in the first productions of Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov place in the subconscious of man, which is driven by the actions of people.
Now, albeit with a certain delay, the general public and in Belarus, thanks to television, knows many masterpieces Bergman — "The Seventh Seal", "person", "touch", "Silence", "Whispers and yell," "On the life of puppets "" Fanny and Alexander "," Autumn Sonata. " The list is very very long, because with over 60 removed most of the master tapes is considered a classic of world cinema.
Bergman was
one of the most award-winning filmmakers in the world. Nine times he was nominated for "Oscar" for best foreign film, and three times received the prestigious South American merit.
• Ingmar Bergman died, 30.07.2007

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