Dmitry Vishnev presented in Brno excerpts from a new novel about Berlin and Minsk

Cherry: "Remembering the most positive. Very appreciative audience. Noteworthy that all broadcast on the web online, it also can be later downloaded from the website of the festival. Beautiful city of Brno. I’ve been writing essays, wrote two poems. This festival — an actual event not only for Brno, and the event in general for literature. "
Sous: "What question are you most impressed?"
Cherry: "It was very many questions. I was amazed in a good, that there there are people who advocate the Moravian culture. They asked me how I feel about the Moravian language. I said that I was one of the Moravian culture very badabout and that in Moravia had already written two poems. "
Sous "You now read excerpts from the unfinished novel about Berlin and Minsk and pronounced that he This year come into the light … "
Cherry: "Roman being finalized. Maybe primarily it will not in Belarus (although written in Belarusian), and in the German language. In Germany, a contract for the publication of the novel. It is called "The Castle, built from a nettle." Excerpts from it translated into the Czech language. And the first time I heard it again a Czech audience. "
Sous: "If it is written in Belarusian?"
Cherry: "Hopefully, at the end of the year. Unless released this year, the next year exactly. Hence with Brno and I Ilya Shin going to Berlin in art house "Tacheles" where I just and will refine this novel. "

Dmitry Vishnev (born in 1973) — the central figure in the avant-garde literary movement "Bum-bum-lit" and society "Schmerzwerk", founder and editor of the magazine "Texts", poet, novelist, painter, critic and performer, creator of eight books, one of the more controversial figures of Belarusian literature. He graduated from the Institute of Literature named after bitter in Moscow, studied painting in Vilnius. His texts have been translated by about a dozen European languages (Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

Broadcast presentations alive once a day with a 19-hours. Tomorrow — Ilya Sin, the day after tomorrow — Olga Gapeeva
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