Do I need a Russian loan?

The Belarusian government refused to comment on the information provided by the Russian press. And according to Russian sources, the official Minsk requests no longer a half and two billion dollars.
Minister Nikolai Korbut money refused to talk this topic.
A government spokesman Alexander Timoshenko said:
"Official info and official expressions on this point. And the information with reference to some sources … It springs. This is not official information. During negotiations information comes only when one of the parties wishes to lobby some of his things. "
The process of obtaining Russian loan very long. For the first time, the official Minsk spoke about him in February. Funds planned to restore the budget for expenditure caused by the increase in prices for Russian energoelementy.
The final amount and terms of the loan depends on the Russian side. But the question so far not been resolved.

Tatiana Starchenko: "Why the whole world lives in debt? And why Belarus can not? Credit does not hurt us."

After nedavneshney meeting with Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov said that the possibility of crediting Belarus "seen", but it "asks a certain time and careful work."
Deputy Economy Minister Tatiana Starchenko said that there is a processing issue. She highlighted that the Russian loan needed Belarus:
"Well, why not? Why whole world lives in debt? And why Belarus can not? We never took any credits. Credit, it has not hurt. What we have, no problems? "
The question why not take credit Belarus in the International monetary fund, Tatiana Starchenko said:
"We did not give the IMF. As it did not take? We would take. IMF did not give us."
Recall that the Belarusian government in time failed to comply with the IMF’s advice, and therefore did not receive SBA loan.

Stanislav Bogdanovich: "If you need a loan to pay for gas, this credit is not the country, and the loan of a legal entity.

By Stanislav Bogdankevich, this loan was more advantageous Belarus:
"From the international monetary fund, we could get a cheap loan very, eg under 5 percent — rather than pay someone 12 percent. But maybe there is such an idea, Our homeland that give us a free loan. Maybe this idea of trusting our control? If the loan is due to the budget, it may be preferential Russian loan. Political credit. "
By Stanislav Bogdankevich, official data of the Ministry of money show in Belarus there is no shortage of the budget:
"Credit government gets when her budget deficit. Belarus has no budget deficit, now surplus — 1.5 — 2 trillion rubles. Other words, revenues exceed expenses. Which may be the need to obtain such a loan? If there need credit to pay for gas, this credit is not the country, and the loan of a legal entity, "Beltransgaz".
• Russian loan — in exchange for the shares of "Beltransgaz", 23.04.2007

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