Encourage growth of Belarus towards democracy?

Gross domestic product (GDP) — the totality of all the products and services made in the state economy during the year. GDP per capita — is broken into number of people in the country. PPP takes into account the possibility of price differences across countries, for example, in Belarus on the dollar can buy more products than in the United States.
GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity, the possibility of Belarus takes 72 place in the middle of the world 179. For comparison — in Ukraine this indicator is 7637 bucks in Russia -12 thousand in Poland — 14 880, in Latvia — 15549, Lithuania — 15,858 bucks.

Poorest countries — undemocratic, rich — almost all democratic.

However, this scheme as it does not matter what the other has a lot of exceptions. In 1-x, there are exceptions to the bottom. In India, GDP per capita is 3737 bucks — it over two times lower than Belarus, but India — a country with a democratic tradition unchanged. With On the other hand in Saudi Arabia, this figure is twice as high Belarusians — 16744 bucks, and the United Arab Emirates, which on this indicator occupy 24th place in the world, per capita GDP is about 30 thousand dollars. Yet these countries, to put it mildly, not the most democratic in the world.
However, here it should be noted that the rule of six thousand dollars, as the boundary of democracy here spoils oil wealth, the growth of which really is not directly converted to democratic reform.
But a study ranking states in terms of GDP per capita allows behold, a certain pattern that still exists.
The poorest country in part (with rare exceptions) — the country’s undemocratic, rich — virtually all, except oil kingdoms, democracies. But in the midst of a difficult pattern list: Tunisia and Turkmenistan, which is surrounded by Belarus in the list, to put it mildly, far from democracy, but Romania and Bulgaria, where GDP per capita is $ 1,000 more than the Belarusian — members of NATO and the EU. As democratic state, albeit with unconsolidated democracy is Ukraine, where the corresponding figure — 1200 bucks lower than in Belarus.

The highest level of GDP per capita — necessary, but not sufficient condition for democratization.

Summarizing, we can say that the increase in the level of economic development does not provide automatic establishment of a democratic system in the country. On the other hand, the low level of economic development with a democratic system actually nyasumyashchalny. So very highest level of GDP per capita — necessary but not sufficient condition for democratization. And Belarus is condition is satisfied.

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