End quote: 04.08.2007 — 10.08.2007

"From January 1 this year, we collected 100% payment for the gas, but not paid, as we had been promised a loan to pay for it. We just threw. Well, they threw so cheated."
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in communicating with residents of the village Gervyaty Astravets district of gas decline.
"All the conditions to get as it is now seen to be."
Sergei Kupriyanov, a spokesman for "Gazprom" — the payment of debts for gas Belarus after the danger of "Gazprom" to reduce gas supplies.
"Beltransgaz" is specific Brest fortress — when her pass, then it will start an irreversible for renting all strategically principle of» objects Belarusian economy. "
Valery Bulgakov, editor of the magazine "Arche" — the transfer of the "Prague accent", dedicated to the gas crisis.
"And already relatively husbands or wives of the above persons (here in front of me as the text of the message from the web) — it generally resembles Stalin’s laws when under persecution family got enemies of the people. This just is not acceptable!"
Lydia Yermoshina, chairman of the Central Election Commission — new visa U.S. sanctions against Belarusian officials.
"You know, really sad: do not feel guilty, but for you forbid something. But this is politics. And we are not interested in politics, not passionate about. We would consider the matter in accordance with law."
Tamara Twig, Chairman of the Brest regional court — new visa U.S. sanctions against Belarusian officials.
"Nomenclature is not consolidated and steraryzavanaya. Bureaucrats do not like the regime, but they are afraid of control and repression."
Sergey Bogdan, an international observer of "Nasha Niva" — the transfer of "Examination of Liberty."
"And the nomenclature and the opposition, and by the way, our homeland and the West have long been resigned to the fact that you simply need to wait until the end era of Lukashenko."
Vadim Dubnov, a Russian independent journalist — in the transmission of the "Prague accent", dedicated to the gas crisis.
"I do not think that democracy was imported here in the Czech Republic, or that someone taught us that if we needed a similar education. I believe that the system has fallen from internal circumstances, and I believe that in the same way it fall earlier or later in Belarus, Cuba or somewhere else. I believe that heroes who think that they have brought down communism, they say a lie, they amuse themselves, or we have some places abroad. "
Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic — in an interview with RFE / RL.
"And she did not appeal to us to get permission for recuperation about the girl in Italy. She should have told us that he was going to go with Vika. This child is not her own. This — state child."
An employee of the department of education Zhodino Executive Committee — Lena Vasilevskoy, foster mother Vicki Frost, who wanted to take out girlfriend on vacation in Italy.
"Pythons were on the train, but no tribute comfort. They were in the coupe conductors is accused of working clothes of the box."
Message Ukrainian border service of finding a train "Symferopal-Minsk" 2-pythons illegally transported conductor — citizen of Belarus.

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