Farm land, forests partisan highway German and Russian authorities

The main news on the pages of newspapers "Nowe Zycie" in 1927 year — the coronation of Our Lady of Mercy Mom: "During Friday and Saturday to Vilnius arriving all the new pilgrimage, walking the streets with singing. More pilgrimages came from Vilnius. Lithuania came from separate groups because the government has not given permission Kovno on a pilgrimage … On Friday evening in a festive procession of the icon of the Dawn moved to the lectern. And 7 of 30 m in Vilnius arrived Mostsitsky President. "
In 1937 year "Star" tells the story of the campaign on loan subscription strengthen the defense of the USSR at the Minsk plant of the Molotov and working Kazharonka quotes: "I welcome the decision of the government of the loan. During these funds we will put the concrete and steel of our borders, strengthen them so that enemies who pinned their hopes on vile work gang of traitors, broken off their power natochanyya their teeth. I gladly give a loan on its own three-week earnings. "
"The insurgency grew with Every funny day, — writes in 1977 year "Minsk truth" until a day or liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders. — His vitality and perfect forms of organization and readiness, commitment and determination have been brought up by the Communist Party and the Russian government. It clearly manifested patriotism of our people, their loyalty to the ideas of Marxism-Leninism, unquenchable faith in ultimate victory. In Belarus, even in the gloomy days of the occupation, repeated optimistic saying: "The land farming, forest partisan highway German and Russian authorities."

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