Financial Times Deutschland: For Alexander Lukashenko began last days

Analyzing the recent gas conflict between Moscow and Minsk, German commentators conclude that this "beginning of the end for Alexander Lukashenko." Of publications also follows that Berlin has a great concern about the reliability of Russia as a supplier of gas and the threat of European dependence on Russian energoelementov
"Financial Times Deutschland" says: "Moscow is not hard to discipline their own" hard malehankih brother. "Dependence of the Belarusian economy from massive shopping companion almost complete. From the West as the last dictatorship in Europe can not expect no help, no compassion. Related manifestation of the power can not West meet. Dispute unequal brothers shows that energy strategy accordingly for the Kremlin is about the same as a weapon. Belarus has already received long defeat. Combining Belarus and Russia has practically failed. Moscow no longer need a strong man in Minsk. seems that for Alexander Lukashenko began his last days. "
"Tageszeitung" writes: "It seems that in Minsk has not yet figured out that Russia can not be trifled with. But now maybe usvoyut, as both countries are on the brink again so called "Gas war". Again becomes natural as the Lukashenko regime is dependent on Russia.
To This time more symbolic energoelementy prices were for the authoritarian Belarusian favorite something like a guarantor of existence. They allowed him to keep in the hands of the population through social programs, constant payment of salaries and pensions, even lower. But at this point in the long run a similar course to keep unrealistic. Moment when Lukashenko is hamstrung, we should expect soon. The only chance to avoid such a development would be a policy of radical economic reform, but the current regime similar task problematic. A similar scenario is completely in favor of Moscow. Thrust Lukashenko Our homeland is not meant. Russian authorities may be relaxed in the waiting position, because now of course completely: the question of succession Lukashenko will also be decided in Moscow. "
"Spiegel online" reported: "cut gas supplies to Belarus concerned first Germany. Approximately one fifth of the supply passes through the transit pipeline. "Publication stresses that conflict raises concerns about the reliability of Russia as a supplier, is also urging to think about the likely size of the forthcoming country’s dependence on Russian energoelementov.

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