Gas talks deadlocked?

One of the employees of "Gazprom" to the question our radio, Now if gas talks, on condition of anonymity said: if they last, it is only at the level of professionals. He also added that until July 30 news probably will not. Specifically today expected to visit Moscow Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky.
Now the dilemma reminded debt and Lukashenka. On a conference call, he said that should not be used for gas dryers, and you need to cross it on the wood:
"We have and so difficulty paying natural gas. Government barukayuchysya, conduct these negotiations."
The Belarusian side as before asking Russian partners postponing full payment used in This year gas. Belarus confirms its willingness to pay a penalty of the amount of nearly 500 million dollars.
Pay for the gas needed no later than July 23. Some economists they say you need to have this tool. Why, then, Belarus so requests postponement?
Associate Professor of Moscow University international relations Kirill Koktysh believes that this is due to the bad old monetary state of Belarus:
"I would not say that Belarus has very many assets. Well, there Belarusian rubles. But there is a weak option to convert them into a stronger currency. It seems to me that the currency is not enough.
What concerns did not want to return to "Gazprom" debt with those bucks that acquired from "Gazprom" for action "Beltransgaz", then this is an argument that Belarus needs money. "
Previous Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of Belarus Misha Marynitch thinks differently:
"Funds have. But, to be honest, have a certain psychologically-addiction, which does not even allow loaf to take reasonable and market solution. Could would no longer be humiliated, and just do the agreement. "
Kirill Koktysh not undertake to predict what will end this gas story:
"If the Russian president did not once said that the transition to market relations with all — it’s a foregone conclusion, then behave nonmarket Our motherland can not, without losing all it’s own face. What still concerns Belarus, for it is also a very important question. And because you can see ahead of deadlock, which is not a fact that will be allowed, even at the highest level. "
Misha Marynitch confident that Moscow will not give now:
"She will say again: not enough money, well, something else to sell. For example, Grodno" Nitrogen. "But prices will no longer market, and those that dictate Moscow."
Debt of Belarus for gas came about because in the first half for a thousand cubic meters of gas every Belarusian side transfers to accounts of "Gazprom" is not 100 bucks (price per thousand cubic meters), but only 50 of the fifth Russian concern agreed to a settlement form, but warned that debt need to be resolved no later than July 23.
• Chief Negotiator "Gazprom" returned to Moscow, 26.07.2007

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