German press writes about the silent economic base of the Lukashenko regime

"Frankfurter Rundschau" writes: "Alexander Lukashenko shows real nervousness. Despite the fact that the autocrat as before inaugurates new railway strips and gives people the highest own merits, his country on the brink of crisis. And this event can significantly weaken the regime. "
Publishing on disk imaging, Belarus and Our homeland shrouded regular gas showdowns. Minsk requests from "Gazprom" to defer payment for the gas, which was held back in the past Mon.
Settle the matter entrusted premiere Sidorsky. If this weekend he will not agree with Russia, it will be the next victim in the chain of personnel changes Lukashenko.
"Frankfurter Allgemeine" reported: "Moscow has already been negotiated by first week Teran Belarus Lukashenko dismissed municipal managers leading oil and gas companies, in including chapter "Beltransgaz", responsible for negotiations.
The move was driven by the subsequent way: managers did nothing to prevent the effects of price increases on Russian gas, and without such losses will not survive no economy.
That the increase in the price of Russian gas will cause financial difficulties in Belarus, spices predict even more so, that occurred immediately cancel customs exemptions for oil, due to which the municipal budget got huge amounts.
A few months back the Belarusian authorities were told about plans to privatize certain sectors of the economy that still is largely owned by the state.
It is not excluded that our homelanddo not get the best pieces. Privatisation is largely weaken the economic base of Lukashenko government. "
"Die Welt" writes: "If Belarus does not turn out to restructure their debts, then maybe," Beltransgaz "will become the property of" Gazprom ".
Conflict with Belarus — another argument for "Gazprom" in favor of the immediate construction of the North European Gas Pipeline, which will go under the Baltic Sea. Through him, the gas will flow to Europe since 2010. "
Monthly penya for gas Belarus can be up to 5 million dollars, 27.07.2007
"Gas" talks stalled?, 26.07.2007
«Economist» about Belarus: "In preparing for difficult times", 26.07.2007

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