Germany: police forbade carry babies in Minsk Belarusian bus

Two-story bus arrived at Teklenburg from Belarus as a substitute for another machine that has fallen into a tragedy, and owed take about 50 to Minsk Belarus beautiful girls and boys. These kids vacationing in Westphalia on the invitation of the local society Chernobyl.
During landing and kids organize their holiday luggage organizers worried by some features of the machine. By this occasion they are specifically invited representatives of the transport police to find will the bus without problems to overcome the way almost 2000 km.
Toddler taken to Minsk on the German bus
During the technical inspection it was found that the car is quite rusty, it do not work the brakes properly fastened seat. According to professionals, the bus can only move with the help of rope. Ts such forbidden to ride on the highway.
According to the German charity initiative "Help Chernobyl" suited Belarusian bus was changed to German and Belarusian babies were safely delivered home.
As the German traffic cops, they are not the first time meet with similar neuvvyazkami when viewed Belarusian tourist vehicles.
Belarusian bus outside looked ok until the first control (Photo — Baar)

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