Global Insight has downgraded the rating of Belarus to the probability of default

Drakakhrust: "Cpadarynya Leshenko which you predict the likely position of Europe, when the conflict between Minsk and Moscow for gas will escalate?"
Leshenko: "Positions of Russia and Belarus, and their affairs with Europe will depend on the branding of war. Either Our motherland can assure the European Union, Belarus does not act in accordance with their obligations, or the Belarusian government will try to make an image of, as a country that threatens the sovereignty of Belarus.
Much will depend on the fact that will do President Lukashenko. He caught between Scylla and Charybdis, because if he will select Russian gas transit to Europe going it absolutely closes the possibility of improving relations with the EU, which he guided as to the candidacy of relations with Russia. Because not very appropriate with his hand at the moment, try to select the European gas. "
Drakakhrust: "In the process of negotiations with Russia to settle arrears for gas for the first half Belarusian side stated that he has not, you pay. It turns out that beliefs and estimates of Moscow, Minsk has to pay anything. In May, "Gazprom" translated Belarus 625 millions of dollars in payment shred stake "Beltransgaz" population and enterprises of Belarus gas pay one hundred percent … "
Leshenko: "We would not have agreed with the assessment, in Belarus have the means. Our company Global Insight on last week suvereny rating lowered Belarus to the situation the probability of default. Our disk imaging in the country really huge prepyadstviya liquidity. However, the external debt is small enough so as Belarus give little credit. But Belarus has a very huge debt on debt to foreign companies, according to our calculations is 92 million Russian companies and 193 million dollars outside the CIS. Because we believe in Belarus is not enough money and really have nothing to pay. "

Global Insight — International macroeconomic forecasting company with headquarters in London. Makes economic, monetary and political analysis of the situation in countries and industries. Has 23 consulates in 13 countries.
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