Gomel: reddish carnations on the place of execution victims of Stalinism

Burial sites found a not so long ago on the basis of information of local residents fighters 52-th separate special battalion of the Ministry of Defence. On the surface of the wells raised 70 human remains, soles of boots, shoe covers, pieces samotkanoy shirt buttons from civil odezhki bullets from Russian guns.
Co-chair of the organizing committee to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression writer and journalist Vasily Yakovenko, historian Anatoly Valahanovich, public figure Siuchyk lit the lamps and put in place the victims’ deaths reddish pinks.
Speaking during the celebration, Vasiliy Yakovenko said:
"We stand on the site of the shooting, at the place where are the people for whom we are descended. Our sacred task — to bring back the memory of them, which always tried to erase, hush, lose. And to bring this memory to their descendants, so that the generations passed the memory of those terrible’s repression of anti-national policy strshnuyu here in Belarus. "
Valahanovich historian recalled that large-scale mass repressions in Belarus began after arrival in Minsk in August 1937 capital emissaries Malenkov and Yakovlev-Epstein. Were destroyed essentially all members of the CPSU (b) of Belarus. Communicated even job search "enemies of the people". Because so little is not in different parts of Belarus places of mass executions.
Gomel historian, the last city council member Yuri Hlushakou expressed the view that the middle shot in the woods on the 9th kilometer Chernihiv highway can be fully and Paluta Bodunova, active activist of the Belarusian People’s Republic of, NKVD arrested specifically in Gomel, where her family lived.
Human remains, found in the midday east from the regional center, the men of the 52nd Battalion was transferred to special storage Prybytkavski village council. But its chairman Leonid Ignatkevich refused to show their friends the organizing committee to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression. Said that it is necessary to permit the Executive Committee. By As the last, Deputy Chairman Executive Committee on matters of ideology Natalia Aksenov, who heads the district commission to find the remains reburial. But catch the deputy in the executive committee failed — left somewhere on a single day awareness.
Organizing Committee and Gomel public activists going to strive for a memorial sign at the site of mass executions.
"Quite clearly, that in this tract are victims of Bolshevik terror. Our arrival, I hope, to prevent certain members of the current government to hide the truth from our people. In these awful places where Belarus lost their own sons and daughters in those gloomy days, must stand According to our Belarusian traditions memorials — crosses, "- said a member of the organizing committee to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression Siuchyk.

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