Greenish party can eliminate

According to the Ministry of Justice of his suit to liquidate the party based on the fact that the quantitative composition of the party a little less than allowed by the law — 1000. According to information submitted to the Ministry of the party, the number of members is 582 people. The Ministry also stressed that the party had not been made Minsk municipal and regional structures in most regions of the country.
Now the concern about the fate of their own organization expressed Chairman of the Belarusian women’s party "Nadzeja" Lena Eskova. July 20 party representatives were instructed to submit to the Ministry of Justice on August 8 complete list of members. According Eskova, "for such a little time to fulfill the requirement is simply unrealistic." She did not rule out that this may be basis for the liquidation of the party.
August 2 Supreme Tribunal based on the action of the Ministry of Justice stopped 6 months activity Belarusian Party of Communists.
• PKB not allowed use their accounts, 2.08.2007

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