Guest ether — retired KGB colonel Sergei Anisko

In a survey of people on the streets of Minsk utter than in their opinion should not be engaged in the KGB?
In "Night of research papers" — about the last expedition Belarusian archeologists. We also represent the rating states in which people live longer and more happily offer a report from Grodno, where Alexander Tomatoes organizes concert in support of the historic buildings of the town.
In the author’s own program "Zwukopis" sovereign Tomatoes will continue the story of the young Belarusian music festival "Basowiszcza."
In "Night Primer" again sounds transgresivnaya prose Ilya Sina from Minsk.
After 23rd hours — "Liberty Travel" Misha Kornevich story about a trip to the neighborhood Avgustovskiy channel transmission "Belarusian abroad," the 80th anniversary of the Belarusian leader Galina Vilnius Voytik, review letters to freedom and transfer "Free Studio" in which Michas Scoble discusses with linguist Peter Sadowski of the bill "On the rules of the Belarusian artagrafii i Punctuation" which is currently considered House of Representatives.

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