Guest this night broadcast of Liberty — Stanislav Shushkevich

Now our guest the night air is past chairman of the Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkevich that morning responded to questions our listeners.
We will tell about the planned referendum in Grodno in the preservation of historic buildings, "Night of research papers" ontalking about, why increase in the number of ticks in the forests of Belarus, and they are not dangerous. In our survey, people are not afraid to utter or mites because they go into the forest. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story of a group of "Sigismund" and "Night Primer" again will feature poems Andrey Adamovich.
After the 23rd hour — journey to the village of Liberty Kozenki Mozyr district, "the Belarusian Atlyantyde" — how did painters Alliance BSSR, review your e-mails in the program "Mailbox 111 "and" Belarusian abroad "- about education in the United States.

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