Hide radioactive waste in Belarus actually nowhere

According to professionals, Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear research in Belarus once a year abyasshkozhvaetstsa about 10 tons of radioactive waste. In fact, they are all stored in the cemeteries located in the village of Pine near Minsk.
In Belarus about weave radioactive burial
Manages the Head of the Laboratory of the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research papers Vladimir Skurat:
"In fairness, in Belarus there are storage Chernobyl waste. Their 90 redundant and they are more likely placed in the evacuation zone. This decontamination products: fences, roofs, when exchanged for new land somewhere collected dirty, etc. . zvozilasya And it’s in such repositories. But, again, I repeat, this store built first in the evacuation zone, where people do not live. As for the industrial, medical waste, all of it is preserved only in the Pines. "
As explained Vladimir Skurat, at this point in the Pines two storage of radioactive waste from 820 cubic meters each. One of them is filled with one hundred percent, the second — 80%. For spices, currently being renovated 1st from storage when it is free, at the current rate, "download" it is not enough over 10 years. This does not take into account if the force majeure event. So, not so long ago in one of the wells was accomplished razgermetyzatsyya storage capacity with radium, then had a terrible plot absolutely conserve:
"Basically, at the moment there undergoing renovation. But reconstruction itself for itself focused on the fact, that in the long term preservation here to remove. In addition, at the moment is actually resolved the issue with the construction of a nuclear power plant, and there is a lot more waste than we currently have. Because new store is very much needed. Naturally is best to find a place closer to the station. "
Yakovenko: "Discussions about nuclear energy" immoral "
Dangerous neighborhood of a large city with radioactive cemetery concerned not only scientists, and environmentalists. Chapter Catsyyalna-Ecological Union Vasily Yakovenko believes it is immoral to talk not only about any new radioactive burial grounds, but in general the idea of building nuclear power plant in Belarus. Besides, sire Yakovenko says about bias of most scientists:
"I speak not only against the storage and against the construction of the atomic station. Moreover, this institution niskolechko can not be trusted because they are directly lobbying this question of cynical self-interest. Surely that time spawned the industry professionals who need to turn around. And they have long been striving for this, even in times of Russian made many attempts, they besieged several times. And now they climbed again. But I am convinced that they are misleading the society his calculations — both economic and environmental. Because no new, even more so large store, I would not want to even hear. Generally expressed on this occasion many views on both sides. But they, the scientists, those judgments, those critical remarks economic calculations did not wish to respond. "
Few years ago, the Council of Ministers has developed the concept of building a new storage facility for radioactive waste, according to which the cemetery was planned to be by 2010. But because of the shortcomings of funds has not even made the necessary research in the choice of a site. Meanwhile, as they say experts at the moment to save misses a little more than 5% of what is needed to maintain after the commissioning of the Belarusian NPP.
The construction of nuclear power plants identified two sites in the Mogilev region. Tender for the operation of the government plans to announce soon.
• Mogilev land unwilling to keep the NPP?, 13.07.2007

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