If changes are not real through elections, revolution begins

"In a country such as Belarus, elections society is not exciting. Nobody believes as if they decide something. Even those who still believe in spite of the trivial to the electoral justice, reflection, recognized: the right to choose among them remained for a short period If … to speculate whether it is in our children, many are convinced that if everything will happen on the thumb at the moment diagram, the answer is negative.
People in their own weight do not believe in their ability to change something. Even at that, our country one is able todo it for them.
Although, according to sociologists, most of desire change. But — do not believe that they could be held in Lately.
At first glance, the situation seems to be a stalemate. But with the historical experience understandable: such cases community eventually bends to the ability of any constructive action. As for me, it is not the best prospect.
Yet problem remains: if there is no change as a method to achieve the election, they are achieved through a revolution. There are many examples.
And whoever is against the revolution, must perfectly conceive … And remember: the revolution occur where citizens do not have the ability to achieve change by ordinary election. "
Another public editor of Liberty — Alexander Dobrovolsky. Two months later he fiftieth anniversary. Has two higher education — technical and legal. As a result, Russian era was the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, as part of the Interregional Deputy Group — the first democratic parliamentary opposition in the Russian Union — worked together with Andrei Sakharov, Boris Yeltsin, Vasil Bykov, Ales Adamovich … In the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation elected chairman of the subcommittee on media info and relations with public associations. Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party, director of East European School of Political research.

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