Igor Bobkov: Czechs more than Belarusians sense of form

Kalinowski: "What work have you read?"
Bobkov, "Cafe" Utopia "- a story of" Adam and his Klakotsky shadows "and three essays."
Kalinowski: "You could say that your prose was philosophical?"
Bobkov: "In a certain sense. Though she is a little faster Came down» yatselaya was not philosophical."
Kalinowski: "How to take your listeners Czech Came down» yatseluyu prose?"
Bobkov: "Hard to say. Some questions all the same defected to the Belarusian situation. In my opinion, sensual contact with the audience, and it is very principle for me was so that there not so much cultural bar» ery much sense might interfere. "
Kalinowski: "In your opinion, vision Czech and Belarusian — look like?"
Bobkov, "I think that similar, although the Czechs and significantly more experience and sense of form. Belarusians begin to play with the form, and the Czechs already have a tradition of its own form."
Kalinowski: "For you to enjoy the atmosphere at the festival?"
Bobkov: "Very exciting. Especially an underground theater in the basement — it was totally in tune with the aesthetics of my prose."

Igor Bobkov — Belarusian writer and thinker. Born in 1964 in Gomel. Got a philosophical education at BSU. Works at the Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of Belarus and engaged contemporary postcolonial theory and the history of philosophy. Was the founder and editor of the magazine "pieces." Creator 2-poetry books "Solus Rex" and "War Hero for transparency," the novel "Adam Klakotsky and its shadow" and the book of essays, "The kingdom of Belarus" (Information about the creator — on the website of the festival).

Broadcast of alive — A 19th HOURS on the website of the festival. Tomorrow — Sergei Ablameyko and Czech writer Petr Platsek

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