In Grodno show movie Road to Kurapaty

This film — almost 20 years, but it did not show the Belarusian TV. Heroes movie — witnesses of massacres in Kurapaty near Minsk, where in the 30s by the NKVD shot hundreds of thousands of people of Belarus. Interview investigators real confirmation representation of our contemporaries on the repression …
Slide the film will take place on the big screen and with good acoustics Wednesday August 8, 19.00 — 20.30 indoors Company Belarusian school (street and Budennogo 48 — 44). Admission is free.

Company "Free Cinema" began Grodno Movement "For Freedom" kinamaratonam "Burning Spring" in March 2007, the first anniversary of the events on October Square in Minsk. In May, the campaign was a demonstration of the movie "Byelorussian Front," directed by Victor Korzun.

On the website "Martyrology of Belarus" will still about 60 thousand names of the repressed, 4.08.2007
"The road to Kurapaty" on Belarusian television show?, 6.02.2007
Directed by movie "Road to Kurapaty" Misha Zhdanovsky recalls the story of the creation of the tape, 17.05.2002
Book "Road through Kurapaty" library "Liberty"

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