In the Belarusian language in Belarus only learn every fifth student

According to the chairman of disk imaging public association "Belarusian Society Schools’ Ales Lozko, in 1993 whiteRussian language 76% of first-graders learned. In 2006 — only 18%.
The worst situation with the Belarusian-language schools and classes in the eastern, Mogilev and Gomel regions. Relatively better — in the Minsk region: 92% of Belarusian-graders there wasabout in 1993, and 31% — in the past year:
"The situation, in fact, does not change, since we litsezreem fall admission to the first Belarusian-language classes. Every year across the country, we more than 100 schools with the Belarusian language learning nedalichvaem, or because they are translated into Russian, liquidated or general as ungraded . During the past year adopted Only 18% of children in the first Belarusian-language classes. "
As the Ales Lozko, used a variety of methods for closure of Belarusian-language schools or classes. So, this year Glubokskaya school number 3 with secondary school children dials shastsigodak the Russian language training, although for 6 years, the school operates as a one hundred percent a Belarusian.
The complicated situation in the capital: in the past year, only 3% of first-graders went to the Belarusian classes (in 1993 — 58%). But this year, the number of Belarusian gymnasiums, schools and classes, and the capital is not reduced compared to last year. Namely, it claims the deputy chief of the Education Department of Minsk City Executive Committee Tatyana Khoruzhaya:
"Nothing is reduced. Everything remains, we their Belarusian-school gymnasium and honor, as the apple of an eye. 4th, 14th, 23th, 9th and 26th high school, and all schools were. And even we place hopes that will increase the number of classes. Indeed a great job carried out to uncover more of the first class. "
I try to talk to the inspector of the Ministry of Education Zoe Podlipskii:
Reporter: "What is the prognosis for the new school year: worst, best, than in the past year?"
Podlipskaya: "And do not think it worse … But that you read, I have to get permission own control."
Management Office said that a certain number of the new academic year is somewhat unrealistic to call, they will be known later, because even being a set of first-graders. According to statistics recommended to address in October.
Coupled with the fact Chairman TBSH Ales Lozko says one optimistic figure, which he aptly described as "unofficial referendum" for the Belarusian language:
"The only thing that comforts: in This year 87 thousand applicants willing to take the test in the Belarusian language. The Belarusian language is selected, even those who were trained in schools with Russian language of instruction. After graduated from the 11-year system with the Belarusian language learning only about 20 thousand people. "
According to official statistics, in 3979 Belarus secondary schools. In Belarusian teaching in schools in 2196 (mostly rural schools), in Russian — in 1489 schools.
At 2-languages taught in 205 schools. Just last year was 160 thousand 877 1milen students. In Belarusian learned to 245,928 babies — is 21.5% of total enrollment.

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