In the bullpen and a half 10-ka activists

A 10th morning Tribunal Partyzanski district of Minsk bullpen brought Paul Baranowski and Alexei Shydlovsky. They were arrested yesterday on the street, when the guys were posting leaflets calling to participate in the European march "For Freedom."
Pavel made a protocol for distributing leaflets and Alexei — for disorderly conduct. Now tribunal were witnesses for the prosecution. Referee deferred consideration of the case on August 8 and released from custody Pavel Baranovsky and Alexei Shydlovsky.
But funny day in the apartment to Shydlovsky people came in civilian clothes. They introduced themselves as employees ZhESa initially, and later asked to accompany them to the police station for an interview.
The police on Shydlovsky made another record — for what he Tipo neprelichno expressed on the landing near the apartment.
Alexei said "Freedom":
"States that it is necessary that on the 27th I was not at the event. This was of course and it was an informal conversation. After two hours, I went out, came home, had only a head wash, as they came. And here I am . This preventive detention. "

Wife Alexei Shydlovsky Marina outraged police actions. After re-arrest her spouse in the police says they do not know where he is:
"When they came to take him, he spoke to me" ICQ. "He could not immediately be in the place where they were that neprelichno put it, and the computer at home. Now they say they are, that he neprelichno expressed on the landing. Clearly, this is just, that he was not on July 27, along with his friends at the celebration of the Independence of days. "
Aleksei Shydlovsky Tribunal Partyzanski district of Minsk arrested for 15 days. Alexis began 14 activists arrested during the last days.
Alexei said it the other day preventive arrest celebration days of independence. So Makar, the other day days of Independence in Minsk police detained more than 2-10’s people. In the apartments of young activists were searched. Just yesterday courts sentenced 10 people.
South American embassy condemned the arrest of Paul and Aleksei Shein Sevyarinets and encouraged to release all political prisoners.
Behind bars serving an arrest Yuri Wolfson, Alex Cooper, Valentin Sokolovsky, Alexander Chernyshev, Sergei Klyuyev and other youth activists.
Administration bullpen Akrestsin Street refuses to take food parcels and display arrested for a walk, as required by the new rules of content.
Arrested complain stuffiness. But the nurse explained to that the cells have small windows, and this, in her opinion, is pretty. Bullpen leaders allege that there is no place in the yard for a stroll.
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