In the bullpen in Akrestsin — again political

Detained activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, Tatiana Shaputska, Anastasia Loiko, Alexei Januszewski and Anton Rusin are in the slammer Akrestsin Street. Commandos detained them along with underage friends for a picket near the building of the KGB. The activists unfurled a banner "Communism on trial!" Near the monument to Felix Dzerzhinsky.
Initially, they were kept in the police station on Karl Marx Street, but police later came the order to take all in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Leninsky district. There juveniles released, and 3 women and 2-men drew up reports for his role in an unsanctioned picket. Three days before the trial, they will hold in the chamber.
Initially the Young want to picket near the monument to Lenin, but there from 9 am was established patrols.
A 10th flowers and wreaths at the monument to Lenin lozhili members of the Communist Party of Belarus. Together with them were activists of the Youth Union.
On the 11th the members laid flowers Belarusian Party of Communists. It turned out to mean that among the participants were the main people Incline age.
Veteran of Labour"Well, really, the youth is not enough. Just an old communists and the young at the moment in other organizations."
Half an hour later at St. Peter and Paul church members "European Coalition" and BCD prayed for the victims of the October revolution.

StatkevichVoice Statkevich:
"We pray for those who died in the fratricidal war. On this day, the Bolsheviks lit the world on fire, which burned in the flames of 10s of millions of lives. Hitherto, in countries such as North Korea, these lives are burning.
Today the Belarusian regime as a descendant of Russian tries to lead the war against the part of the people that wants to be free. "
Alexander Arestovich added:
"Is noteworthy that during the service for the innocent victims of communist repression youth modern Belarusian regime was interned in the plot. It’s a shame."
Vladimir Tinsel came from Dzerzhinsk to pray for the victims of the October crash.
"I remember Marina Tsvetaeva … Bury the white and the Reds in the same grave." White was, became reddish — Blood flooded. Was reddish, white-became — death whitewashed. " It was a disaster for the whole nation. And this tragedy should be marked with mourning and not celebrate. "

Ales MakaeuAles Makaeu came to the church with little offspring.
"I think that day will come when people will go to church and remember those who have died. Prazdnichek That’s not, so get drunk and dance on the bones of the dead. NOT oblivion must be built, and more specifically to keep in mind the sacrifices."
Tribunal over activists "Young Front" begins on 10 November at the Leninsky district court.

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