In Vilnius died Galina Voytik

Galina Voytik studied at Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium at Vilnius Institute, defended his thesis in Moscow in 1963. She specialized in the history of the German language, taught in educational institutions — Grodno (5 years) and Vilnius (35 years). In Vilnius the first 1990s Galina Voytik taught German language from the Belarusian for students in Belarusian.
Until recent days, Galina Voytik nursed Belarusian cultural and educational transfer in Lithuanian public radio.
"Portraits of the inhabitants of Vilnius" and Belarusian broadcast Galina Voytik took over in 1997, after the death of their founder, her husband, the famous Vilna Belarusian leader Leon Lutskevich. In his last interview, which was made at Radio Liberty a broadcast dedicated to its 80th anniversary in July, Galina Voytik revealed that despite prepyadstviya health continues, "on the other one it does not make" and prepared a subsequent "portrait" — about medica Stanislaus Grinkevicha.

"So I not that many doing at the moment. Written in the style of "portrait" article about Ivan Lutskevich it had read on nashenivskoy conference in Vilnius. But I could not go to the conference, so I was asked to print. Well, I have all padryhtyvana for "portrait" Dr. Stanislaw Grinkevicha. This figure is very special, exciting, even more so, it is connected with our family» it — from his mother’s side. There’s such a fascinating mater» yawl. I generally write very quickly — I think for a long time, and then sit down and write rapidly without amendment. "
July 15, Wednesday in Vilnius from 11 hours can be say goodbye to the Palace Galina Voytik funeral services on the street. Hollande, near the church of St.. Peter and Paul. The funeral will be held on Thursday, July 16, in Vilnius.
Galina Voytik: "I do not know what will happen to the archives Zoska Veras’, 17.07.2007 • Forgotten the address: "Forest Cottage", 12.03.2000

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